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Women’s Dune Sky Tanklette
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Borealis Water Bottle Holder
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With "work out more" as one of the most common New Year's Resolutions, it makes sense to search out some fitness gifts for your loved ones. Grab the fitness enthusiast in your life something they'll love pre-, during, and post-workout.


Gift ideas that stand up to your workout routine


The best fitness gifts are the kind that can stand up even when the going gets tough. If you can push through five more minutes of your cardio workout, so can your new athletic gear. Go hard on your home gym, get used to the friction of the foam roller, and go through the squats and sweating of getting used to your new kettlebell. Whatever you choose to do, our gift guide has workout gear that will be there through it all. You can give the gift of home fitness with an encouraging holiday gift of exercise gear. If your giftee is more of the type to hit the gym, a gym bag with enough space for a change of clothes, running shoes, and a water bottle (hydration is key!) is the perfect gift. Plus, grab a pair of on-sale socks to tuck away as a stocking stuffer; nothing's more comfortable on your feet than our Smartwool socks when it comes to sweating. From the low-impact exercise bike in your living room to weight lifting at the gym to skipping the workout equipment for a city-street run: however your athlete likes to stay in shape, give them high-performance gear that can last as long as they can.


Health and wellness never looked this good


Keep your favorite fitness fanatic not only feeling good, but looking good. From form-hugging running leggings to all-purpose t-shirts, our workout gear is made to keep you feeling confident in how you look while you do your latest full-body workout. Grab a trending hoodie for cool-weather workouts or check our sale on men's and women's winter coats when it comes to getting to and from the gym in water-resistant outerwear. You don't need to have high-tech gadgets like fitness trackers as your accessories. Keep it low-tech with a great gift like a headband for your friends who like running outside even when it gets cold. Gifting is even easier with Black Friday sales, like our special offers on sweatpants and t-shirts. And if you want to show off the effect all those push-ups are having on your arms, grab a tank top and get ready to flex.


Grab fitness gifts for all kinds of workouts


When it comes to giving the best gifts, you have to keep your recipient's fitness goals and habits in mind. If they're into bodyweight home workouts, try a comfy moisture-wicking t-shirt and shorts combo for a classic workout outfit. Big into strength training? Get them a muscle tank to show off what a good workout with the dumbbells can do. Yogis and fans of pilates will appreciate the stretch in our tights and leggings when they hit the floor/yoga mat. If your friend takes lots of their own equipment to the gym, give them a tote or pack for their resistance bands, jump ropes, earbuds, and more. For the athlete on the go, the cushioning in our running shoes keeps them comfortable while running track or running errands. Make sure you check out our shoe sale for deals. If you're still struggling for ideas, try our holiday gift guides for inspiration.


Make this holiday gift giving season a personal best with our guide to workout gift guide for dedicated athletes and brand-new exercise amateurs alike.


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