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The best part of any adventure is creating the best experience possible. That’s the mission of The North Face Campshire collection.


Meet the collection that merges adventure and outdoorsy exploration with the coziness of home. From comfy campshire pullover hoodies to fleece jackets, backpacks, sherpa fleece, and beyond, there’s a must-have for every adventurer.


The Campshire collection is the perfect blend of comfort for rugged outdoor adventure. That means no matter what you’re doing–camping, hiking, backpacking, and beyond–there’s a comfortable piece waiting for you.


Soft & Functional, Sturdy & Capable


Campshire sherpa fleece, pullover hoodies, backpacks, and beyond– the collection is all about merging comfort with function.


With durability that lasts season in and season out alongside high pile fleece capable of sustaining warmth, Campshire is the perfect layer for any outdoor adventure. 


What else can the collection offer you?  Outdoor clothing with heavyweight durability and long-sleeve design uniquely engineered to keep you warm. A unique feature of the Campshire collection is its high-pile design. With soft, loose fibers, the high-pile doesn’t just feel soft to the tough, it also traps warmth.


Campshire Hoodies 


With various options available in men‘s, women’s, and kids’ sizing, The North Face campshire collection features versatile options like our pullover hoodie, our fleece jacket, and so much more. 


Versatility, Functionality, and Comfort


Take the Campshire collection’s versatility out for a spin. The collection can be worn as an outer layer on a dry day or as a mid-layer under your windbreaker to lock in warmth during the snowiest activities.  Why opt for scratchy, stiff layers when you can experience peak warmth and softness all at once?