In the remote alpine, athletes scale a snowy peak at magic hour.

Shaping the future of

Exploration is our oxygen. It shapes who we are, what we stand for and what we strive for. Because the path of discovery is also a path of progression. To see the world beyond the map and reimagine what each one of us can accomplish. Since 1966, we’ve continually explored new ways to make a difference for each other and our planet.

A technical blueprint of an early prototype being designed.

Our journey.

Across the decades. Beyond the map. Our history is a journey that never stops.

In a lush rainforest, two hikers descend a path to a waterfall.

Sustainably-conscious inside and out.

We are committed to making the best products on earth, with communities, nature and the future in focus.

A female climber ascends a near vertical wall.

A higher calling.

Our athletes’ stories are diverse, but they all share a calling to push the limits of human potential.

An amateur female climber smiles as she reaches the top of a wall.

The Explore Fund.

We’re working with nonprofits and communities around the world to increase access to the outdoors and celebrate the benefits of exploration.

A detail of a water-repellant fabric standing up to the elements.

Innovation in action.

Since day one, we have been driven to advance exploration through innovative thinking, design and technology.