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Men’s Summit Series Crevasse Short-Sleeve Tee
Women’s Summit Series Crevasse Short-Sleeve
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It's time to reach new heights with your gift-giving this season with gift ideas for rock climbers. We've got everything from big-deal rock climbing gifts to stocking stuffers for the rock climber or boulderer in your life.


Climbing gear for beginners and experts


There are a few things that make great gifts for climbers of all stripes. Have you been an expert multi-pitch or free solo climber for years? If your gear needs replacing or you just want a fresh piece of mountaineering equipment, we've got what you need. Hit Yosemite, Joshua Tree, or any other number of national parks with your climbing chalk in a brand new chalk bag (and replace a clunky chalk bucket). Backcountry crags are no match for you in fresh new climbing clothes: hoodies, leggings, t-shirts, and more. Trad climbers and boulderers alike will love a new pack, with plenty of space for your carabiners, belay devices, quickdraws, and climbing rope.


Is your giftee an avid exerciser looking to build their grip strength with a new hangboard? What about a skier looking for black diamond trails? A hiker looking for a trail to explore? Check our Gift Guide for plenty more ways to gift.


Climbing gifts that have your back


If you want the best gifts for rock climbers, there's nothing quite like a piece of gear to help them achieve new heights. When they're looking for the next climbing holds, they won't have to worry about hydration with a water bottle tucked securely into their new pack. It's easy to pull up to the next handhold, even after a long day of climbing, when your ultralight gear isn't dragging you down. Trad climbing and bouldering are both rough, but our gear is tougher than the rocks they'll climb. Even when they scrape, bang, and drag their gear along the crags, it can stand up to their favorite sport. Reach a little further to secure your belay; your gear will reach too. Make sure you don't skip out on basic gifts either: grab a pair of socks on sale or search through our deals on hiking boots for getting out to your climb.


Climb on with style


Our rock climbing gear isn't just tough and durable. It also looks good. Tackle sport climbing in clothes that feature clean lines and a variety of color options. While you'll have to provide your favorite pair of climbing shoes, we have shirts, pants, and lightweight jackets that make perfect gifts for sport climbers. Even if you're just hitting the climbing gym between trips to climbing spots, you can look as good as the pictures in your guidebooks. An added bonus? There are plenty of soft-weave fabrics and moisture-wicking options for maximum comfort. Check out our gift guides for her and for him for even more outdoorsy gift ideas. Or just grab a gift card to let them pick their own gear.


Reach new heights with rock climbing gifts for your favorite adventurer. Shop now for the best rock climbing gear we have to offer.


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