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When it comes to winter necessities, kids gloves are probably one of the most overlooked parts of their outfit. No longer! If you're suffering from the eternal one lost winter glove, we have some gloves and mittens to offer that they'll want to keep track of.


Snow gloves with fashion


Kids love having cool bits of style they can show off to their friends. That's why we offer plenty of fashionable choices! Fleece gloves not only match your child's favorite fleece jacket, they also provide soft, comfortable warmth on hard winter days. Camo mittens and gloves are in, giving your child a fun, outdoorsy feel that they'll love. And there are always plenty of brightly colored kids’ winter gloves to choose from to get hand warmers as full of personality as your child.

You also get to help your child choose between full-finger gloves and insulated mittens. While mitts may not offer as much range of motion as gloves, winter mittens are the perfect choice for toddler girls and boys who love to help put on their own snow gear. With only two areas for fingers, fleece mittens are a great choice for toddlers, while older children will appreciate the mobility of kids' winter gloves.


Outdoor gloves are a cold weather necessity


When the snow starts falling, plenty of kids want to head right outside to play in it. Waterproof gloves will keep little hands warm and dry as they go sledding, build a snowman, or make snow angels. If you and your family like to go on cold-weather vacations to the nearest slope, we have the perfect snowboarding and ski mittens. Windproof winter gloves make it much easier to keep a hold of the ski poles. If it's your child's first time on a pair of skis or a snowboard, don't worry. We have waterproof and water-resistant options for that first tumble into the snow. Make sure your child has a warm hat as well, to keep them snug against the cold. Bonus tip: tuck their gloves into the sleeves of their outerwear to prevent cold air up the sleeves.


More than meets the eye: Etip™ gloves


With so many things these days having a touchscreen, etip™ gloves are more important than ever. The North Face offers a selection of etip™ gloves so your child can still contact you without taking off their gloves in the cold air. In a digital world, your child will appreciate the ability to stay connected.

Accessories aren’t all there is to a winter-ready outfit. Look for kids’ sizes among our winter jackets and winter boots sales. And if they need a new bag to go along, check out our backpack deals for the perfect bag. You can even get yourself a jacket to match theirs with our sales on men’s and women’s jacket styles.