Stormbreak 1 Footprint
Footprints protect your Stormbreak 1 tent from the cooler—and sometimes wet or abrasive—ground, prolonging the life of the tent floor. You can also use them in fly-only pitching with most models.
Stormbreak 1 Footprint

Whether you're a solo backpacker or just want a bit of privacy when you bed down for the night, our one-person camping tents are the answer. Camp bivy-style with easy accessibility to shelter for the night.

Sleep comfortably in a one-person tent

If a 2-person tent (or larger tents in general) isn't your style, try a 1-person tent to comfortably sleep you and your gear. The size is perfect for solo backpacking. The inner tent offers attachment points for hanging lanterns or toiletry kits. With a tarp, you can create your own gear loft or vestibule for your camping gear. There's enough room for a sleeping pad in your solo tent, so you can bed down extra comfortably. just make sure to pack your comfiest lounge pants and sweatshirt to sleep in.

Grab a standard three-season tent for warm- to cool-weather camping. You can also brave out the colder temperatures with a sub-zero sleeping bag. If the forecast promises rain, set up a double-wall tent with a rainfly.

Ultralight backpacking tents are easy to bring along

On the long haul, trail weight is a big deal. From hiking to regular backpacking to "bikepacking," you need the lightest hiking pack you can manage. From lightweight tent poles that are no heavier than your average trekking poles to ultralight tent materials, we've shaved off the ounces wherever we could. You'll have plenty of extra weight left over for a sleeping bag or a hammock. Plus, we've made our tents with life on the trail in mind. Get ready in a snap at night with easy setup, then pick up and go just as quickly. It all packs neatly and securely into your tent's carry bag.

Our one-person tents stand up to the tests of the trail

From Alps mountaineering to simple backcountry camping in your local national park, our one-man tents are perfect shelters. Sea to summit, you get the best protection we have to offer. Whether you choose a freestanding or non-freestanding option, you can have all the protection a single person needs. Guy lines help anchor your tent to the ground, with J-stakes to hold everything down. Hikers who want a durable roof, but don't need the walls, can enjoy fly-only camping using our tent footprints.