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Base Camp Duffel—M
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Base Camp Voyager Daypack
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Base Camp Gear Box—L
Base Camp Duffel—L
Base Camp Duffel—M
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Base Camp Voyager Sling
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Men’s Base Camp Slides III
Women’s Base Camp Slides III
Women’s Base Camp Slides III Metallic
Base Camp Rolling Thunder—36
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Base Camp Rolling Thunder—22
Men’s Base Camp Slides III
Women’s Base Camp Slides III
Women’s Base Camp Slides III
Kids’ Base Camp Slides III

The best part about extended adventure? Setting up the perfect base camp. With The North Face Base Camp supplies, accessories, equipment, and adventure items, your next climb, hike, or camping expedition won't just be an adventure; it'll feel like your home base.


From duffels and slides to pullovers and booties, there’s a must-have piece of adventure gear awaiting you in the Base Camp collection. Whether hiking in Nepal, setting up at Everest, or commuting for a work trip, this collection puts your adventure first–no matter what's on the agenda.  


Create Your Base Camp 


The Base Camp promise? Functional and durable adventure gear. In other words, you can explore without compromise–from traversing a new city to conquering a mountain town.


Climbers, Create Your Base Camp 


You don't need to climb Everest to create the perfect base camp. With the Base Camp’s collection of slides, duffels, apparel, and more, you'll experience the ultimate base camp feel–no Himalayan or Mount Everest views needed.


Roller and Duffels for Every Base Camp Adventure 


With a variety of options, we've got plenty of unique designs based on our original base camp duffel. Created with the cultivated adventurer in mind, our bags and duffels offer you the organized accessibility needed for the ultimate adventure. From packing for the ultimate biking trip to navigating your duffel to the perfect campsites, there's a must-have pick in The North Face base camp collection.


The most exciting news? Many of our duffels are made with a 100%-recycled body material–ensuring you can adventure and explore without compromising sustainability. Whether you're tackling your adventure on foot, on two wheels, or four, there's a must-have, can't-adventure-without duffel bag waiting for you in The North Face Base Camp collection.