Summit Series
Summit Series
Cinder Pack 55
The Cinder Pack 55, designed in collaboration with Peter Croft and other climbing athletes from The North Face®, is the ultimate trad climbing pack: It’s super tough, easy to use and roomy enough for the largest racks.
  • Ultra-durable 55-liter alpine pack
  • High-tenacity, TPE-coated polyester is hyperdurable
  • Stand-up design makes loading bulky gear easy
  • Integrated cord lock closure ensures you’ll never have to fiddle with a cord lock
  • 9 hook doubles as a bottle opener
  • Integrated side handles are sleek and durable and allow you to tamp the bag to cram in more gear
  • Crushproof metal hipbelt buckle
  • Two zippered pockets for guidebooks and essentials
  • Reinforced haul loops
  • Exterior daisy chains allow you to lash on extra gear
  • Designed in collaboration with Peter Croft and other climbing athletes
Cinder Pack 55

You live to discover new heights. Your best friend is a good pair of climbing shoes. You take one look at a sheer cliff face and see the opportunity; you dig in your toes and start the ascent. Isn't it time you had a climbing backpack that can keep up?

Reaching new heights

Spending your days scaling cliffs and climbing mountains means you need more than ordinary. That's why each rock climbing backpack is built to last. From fighting blowing snow on high mountain tops and wading canyon-carving rivers to surviving the rough-and-tumble world of getting to the top, each climbing and mountaineering backpack can take what you can dish out. Rugged is the name of the game. That means rip resistant, flexible, and field tested. Now you can set your sights even higher, knowing that your pack won't let you down.

Engineered for climbers

While any bag can carry some water and a few trail snacks, dedicated mountaineers know that that's just the tip of the supply iceberg. Specialized pockets for crampons, avy tools, rope, skis, and standard tools mean never going without necessities. Your mountain climbing backpack has got your back.

Rock climbers will find lash points for extra supplies like sleeping bags, helmet holders, and dedicated chalk bags extra useful for their journeys. We live to engineer our products for athletes like you. Check out our Summit Series for more accessories and apparel.

Unique options for unique climbers

Choose the best climbing backpack for your style with an array of options that prove that variety is the spice of life. A long-haul climb up a mountain means tents, sleeping bags, food, water, clothing, gear - and a bag big enough to fit it all. Scaling a cliff, on the other hand, means thinking big by going small. Even with a lightweight bag, you don't want to haul more than you have to.

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