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Heading out for an adventure? Put aside the blazer, the faux leather jacket, the cardigan, and the peacoat. It's time for women's plus size coats that are made for the great outdoors.


Functionally fashionable outerwear 


Staying warm and dry is a must on any adventure, which is why we've got a range of jackets for weather of all kinds. Heading out to explore your city in the snow? A parka or a puffer jacket is perfect for staying warm. In the spring and fall, make sure you have a raincoat or windbreaker in your tote for blustery days. When it's chilly, the sherpa-soft feel of one of our fleece jackets keeps you cozy everywhere from couch to campfire. But that's not all. Even a utility jacket can make you look and feel good. That's why all our plus size winter coats and lightweight jackets will make you proud to show off your new look. Not finding what you want? Make sure to check back with our new arrivals to find more looks coming in all the time.


Dress comfortably in women's plus size coats


Curl up with a best seller in your favorite reading chair, head for a run on the trails, or hike through your favorite national park. Wherever you're heading, do it in comfort. From pullovers to zip-front coats, we build our coats to be as comfy as your favorite well-worn tees. A boxy anorak jacket leaves you with room to breathe and move. A longline trench coat protects more of you from the elements. And a cold-weather puffer coat with a water-resistant coating keeps you snug against the snow. Build the perfect comfy outfit for indoors and out, with the same worn-in feel as your favorite jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie combo.


Durable plus size coats & jackets


Plus size outerwear should be made to last and offer accessibility to even the toughest backwoods. Our rain jackets won't wear out after one rainstorm and a lightweight hoodie and a trucker hat will have your back for miles and miles of sunny hiking trails. When you head to checkout, know that you're getting the kind of quality that will last you through this adventure and the next.


Get the best outerwear fit when you shop our women’s plus size coats and jackets. Browse all-weather outerwear to get ready for your next adventure in style.