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Men’s ThermoBall™ Eco Triclimate® Jacket
Women’s ThermoBall™ Eco Triclimate® Parka
Boys’ North Down Triclimate®
Girls’ North Down Triclimate®
Women’s Clementine Triclimate®
Kids’ North Down Triclimate®
Women’s Antora Triclimate®
Boys’ Freedom Triclimate®
Plus Sizing Available
Men’s Antora Triclimate®
Girls’ Freedom Triclimate®

You don't always need a parka, but sometimes you need something heavier than a vest or a pullover hoodie. Get it all in one place with The North Face Triclimate® Jackets. With more protection than a water-resistant coat and versatile warmth from layering, we've got the jacket women and men need in their closets.


Warm and breathable jackets in TNF Black


Pair your Triclimate® jacket with your snowboarding or skiing gear, wear different layers on your hikes throughout the year, and use it as a winter jacket whenever you need it. Versatility is the name of the 3-in-1 game. The DryVent technology like zippered vents help make sure you don't overheat as you hike. With removable layers, you control exactly how warm you want your outerwear to be. You can even use the adjustable hood and cuffs to make sure you keep out wind, rain, and show. Zip hand pockets and chest pockets offer storage for everything from ski goggles to an extra beanie. With sizes up to XXL and 3XL, you can head to checkout with the perfect fit.


The North Face men's and women's Triclimates®


Add style to your wish list with plenty of different designs to choose from. Take on a heavy blizzard with a Women's ThermoBall™ Eco Snow Triclimate® Jacket that's perfect for the snow. In the city, a Women's Arrowood Triclimate® Jacket provides the lightweight cover you need for a trip through a new town. On the trails, the slim silhouette of our Women's Carto Triclimate® Jacket still leaves plenty of room for moving exactly how you need.


When it comes to men's clothing, we have plenty of 3-in-1 options. Wear a Men's Carto Triclimate® Jacket for a hike or backpacking trip. In heavier snows, add the Men's Clement Triclimate® Jacket to your list of must-haves for a trip down the mountain. The Men's ThermoBall™ inner layer of the Altier Down Triclimate® Jacket is great when you want a quilted puffer jacket look from your inner jacket.


What is a Triclimate jacket?


A Triclimate® jacket is a double-layered jacket with a waterproof, sometimes windproof, outer shell and a softshell inner jacket. The two layers can be separated, allowing for versatility in how warm you want your jacket to be. Wear just the outer jacket, with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish as a rain jacket. Separate the inner lining puffer or fleece jacket for lightweight warmth. Combine both for an extra-warm insulated jacket that acts as a waterproof jacket, windbreaker, and warm winter jacket.


Want your winter coat to match anything in your wardrobe? It’s easy with a black triclimate jacket and softshell. Shop for your all-weather jacket now.