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Girls’ Reversible North Down Hooded Jacket
Boys’ Reversible North Down Hooded Jacket
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Kids’ North Down Hooded Jacket
Men’s HMLYN Down Parka
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Men’s McMurdo Parka
Girls’ North Down Long Parka
Men’s Summit Series Casaval Hoodie
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Men’s McMurdo Bomber
Kids’ Arctic Parka
Big Kids’ ’73 The North Face Parka
Boys’ McMurdo Parka

Once the cold rolls around, there’s one essential every explorer should have in their rotation: a classic, black hooded down jacket. However, for winter adventurers they need to be warm while maintaining full range of movement – so you can be ready for whatever is next. 


Black hooded down jackets for every day


True adventurers don’t let cold weather dampen their outdoor plans. That’s why having a versatile, good quality down jacket on hand is a must. If your activity doesn’t rely on extreme range of motion – think less mountaineering and more exploring around town – a parka gives you the extra length to keep your limbs comfortable in the cold.


Our Women’s Arctic Parka features a form-flattering mid-length design with cinched waist and faux-fur trim to keep you cozy on cold days out. The Men’s McMurdo Parka is equally good looking and practical. The slightly cropped design of the Hydrenalite Down Hoodie is a contemporary alternative with a water-resistant, modern silhouette and goose down filling.



Black hooded down jackets for the trail


When days get colder on the trail, you want to make sure you’re prepared. That’s when it’s important to bring something light and packable along to throw on once temperatures drop further. But at the same time, it shouldn't impair your performance. 


Like our Stretch Down Hoodie or Castleview down jackets. Both of these black hooded jackets not only keep you warm when you need it but they can be stored away easily without taking up much space. In fact, the Castleview even stores away in its own little pocket.



Protection in extreme conditions


When you’re out on the trail hiking or climbing when temperatures are low, you need some extra layers to keep you warm without puffing you up. The Summit Down Hoodie has been designed for exactly that. 


The slim design supports your every move, while helping you stay comfortable during high-intensity activities. Meanwhile, the cinch-able hem helps maintain a perfect fit. The best part, however, might just be the helmet compatible hood, so you stay safe wherever you are.


A classic black hooded down jacket is a definite winter-must have for mountain lovers and city explorers. Discover our range of hooded winter jackets now.