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Women’s 2000 Retro Nuptse Jacket
Top Seller
Men’s Lhotse Reversible Hoodie
Women’s Plus 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket
Men’s HMLYN Down Parka
Girls’ Reversible North Down Hooded Jacket
Women’s Plus Lhotse Reversible Jacket
Men’s Hydrenalite™ Down Hoodie
Big Kids’ 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket
Men’s Lhotse Reversible Jacket
Women’s Lhotse Reversible Jacket
Men’s Nuptse Parka
Top Seller
Women’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Vest
Women’s Lhotse Reversible Vest
Men’s Nuptse Parka
Men’s Big Aconcagua 3 Hoodie
Boys’ Reversible North Down Hooded Jacket
Kids’ 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket
Men’s Big Aconcagua 3 Jacket
Top Seller
Women’s Metropolis Parka
Big Kids’ Reversible North Down Jacket
Men’s Coldworks Insulated Parka
Men’s ’73 The North Face Parka
Big Kids’ 1996 Retro Nuptse Vest

Puffer jackets are making a comeback! No longer the overly-bulky coats of the past, our selection of black puffer jackets is full of modern style and practical warmth for comfort no matter the weather.


Get a puffer jacket that’s made to last


Wherever you want to go, our coats are made to help you get there. Up a mountain, down a rough trail, or just years of general wear and tear: our gear is up to the challenge. Look for jackets made with ripstop fabric for maximum durability. It gives each puffer jacket and edge against rough spots on the trail. Water-resistant fabric helps you stay snug and unbothered and your winter coat stay unscathed, even if the weather turns.


Outerwear that goes where you go


Packable coats make traveling a breeze. Our 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket folds into an easy-to stow package perfect for fitting into your luggage on your next big trip. Even the longer parka-style puffer jackets are packable, granting accessibility to travel from warm to cold without a problem.


Puffer coats are made for warmth


You don't need to feel the cold of the wind and snow to enjoy time spent outside in the winter. Each padded jacket offers the comforting warmth of a down coat to make sure you stay as toasty as you can. We offer medium- and heavyweight padded jackets and puffer vests that can stand up to a variety of temperatures. Long puffer coats offer more coverage to keep you snug, also offering a two-way zip front, so you still have full mobility on a weekend hike. High-collar puffers and interior elastic cuffs on parka jackets make sure that cold air can't find its way inside your coat. Match your coat with a black beanie to stay even warmer.


Show off your stylish black puffer jacket


Our outerwear selection offers so many different styles that mix and match, it can be hard to choose. The quilted look and trim puffer style of the more modern-style coats & jackets contrasts the oversize baffles and boxy fit on our retro down coat styles. Choose the long sleeves on our standard winter coats or the sleeveless look of a puffer vest. Longline silhouettes are trending, but a short puffer never really goes out of style. Get the luxe style you want without all of the luxe pricing. Look for The North Face logo to show off your style on plus size quilted jackets, down puffer jackets, hooded puffer coats, and more.


Whether you’re looking for retro or modern styles, men’s coat deals or on-sale women’s jackets, look no further! Our Black Friday deals on winter coats let you get your favorite styles and prices that will leave you smiling. Add a hoodie on sale to bundle up inside, or pick out your new pair of winter boots. Plus, prepare for the rest of the year with deals on laptop backpacks that make amazing companions year-round.