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Terra 65 Backpack
Terra 65 Backpack
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Whether you're hitting the trails by yourself or spending a nature weekend with friends, backpacking is a time-honored way to get away from it all. And, of course, the most important thing out in the wilds is a good backpack to keep your essentials close.

Functional use

To live off what you can carry, it makes sense to search out the best backpacking packs around. With a range of volumes available, you can pack for a day or a month with ease. Stuff clothes, rations and camping accessories into spacious main compartments. Some packs even have floating lids to stash a sleeping bag or backpacking tent without fuss. Tuck a thermos or water bottle into the hydration pouch on the side. Plus, smaller pockets can hold your keys, snacks and other supplies in easy-to-find caches.

Backpacking involves being on the move, which is why we've gone bulk-free on each ultralight backpacking pack to lighten your load. Now the weight is more evenly distributed and balanced, meaning you can say goodbye to the red marks of dug-in shoulder straps. Just make sure you have some good men's and women's hiking boots to match your bag for comfort.

Head out again, and again

Our backpacking packs are built to hit the trails as many times as you do. If you want a faithful companion through the years, this is the place to come. From rubbing against rocks and getting thrown around at your latest campsite to the simple wear of a heavy load, your pack has to stand up to a full life without buckling. Luckily, our packs are up to the challenge.

The life of a backpacker

Backpacking is more than just a hobby—it's a way of life. That's why you deserve a bag as fully dedicated as you are. From the best day pack backpack for short trips to the biggest long-haul bags, there's room for you to grow in whatever direction you want. But remember, even out in the wilderness, you're not on your own. Backpacking comes with community, and we want to be a part of yours.