When you take exploring to the next level, you have to level up your gear. Whether you're hiking the East Coast Trail or scaling the Rocky Mountains, you've got to bring a tough adventure backpack along for the ride. That's where we come in.

A Backpacking Pack That Goes The Distance

If you're one for multi-day trips, we've got the best options for you. Tackle the trailhead in the morning with all the essentials in your pack. After a day's hike, soak up the sunset with the knowledge you've got everything you need for another day of adventure.

If you've traded in your nine to five to travel the world, pack all of your gear with spacious compartments built to keep you organized. Whether you're off for a weekend trip or a cross-country adventure, we make sure you'll get the most out of the road less traveled.

Lightweight Backpacks Built For Hiking

Every backpack is thoughtfully designed and engineered for ultimate comfort and efficiency. When things heat up on the trail, a breathable mesh is key. If you're hiking through a fog, the custom fabric is made to help water evaporate in minutes.

Plus, most of our bags have a floating lid to store a sleeping bag, portable tent, or even a picnic blanket for a day out.

Find Your Perfect Fit and Get Going

As you prepare for your next trip, pick the right backpack for your needs. Pay close attention to the weight you can hold, the size you'll be carrying, and what type of gear you'll need to bring with you. A small hiking backpack is perfect for day travel, but you may want to opt for a heavy-duty option for longer journeys.

Remember, you need the right fit for your plans to measure up. A men's hiking backpack has an entirely different construction than hiking backpacks for women, so make sure to choose wisely. If you're into snow sports, try one of our bags built to tackle winter.