Paradox Sports

Adaptive Climbing Initiative

Making Climbing Accessible


Our brand was built by climbers; it’s part of our DNA. And we believe climbing shouldn’t be limited by physical ability.

Many first experience the sport of climbing through a climbing gym. Adaptive climbing allows anyone to be able to enjoy climbing. After that first indoor climb, adaptive climbing can take people to many wild, outdoor places. We want to ensure that the sport is accessible to all.


Paradox Sports Sponsorship


We’re proud to be the national sponsor of Paradox Sports on a new movement to make climbing gyms across the U.S. accessible to people with physical disabilities. As climbing has recently grown in popularity throughout the United States, we want the sport to be available to people to all abilities. Our sponsorship will provide adaptive climbing trainings, provided by Paradox, in climbing gyms across the U.S. Adaptive climbing provides access for athletes with physical disabilities to climb in both indoor and outdoor settings through innovative adaptive systems, equipment and an open-ended mindset.

Paradox’s trainings include strategies and methods developed over many years of working with adaptive climbers, coupled with information collected from dozens of professional climbers, instructors and mountain guides.

Once Paradox provides the training and necessary equipment, a climbing gym can open its doors to climbers of all ability levels.