All-Season Camping

All-Season Camping


Do you suddenly stop craving sunrises and sunsets in the mountains after winter’s first snowfall? No? We didn’t think so. If you camp regularly, but limit yourself to the warmer seasons, you’d be surprised just how simple and rewarding winter camping can be.

When you have the grit to camp year-round, you’ll discover that some of the best campsites are practically empty in the off-season. Not only will you have the place to yourself, but camping during the winter offers a chance to experience nature in a new way. If you invest in the right gear, you won’t have to stop camping when the weather changes.

Layer with intention.

Exploring and sleeping outdoors during colder, wetter seasons requires a new level of focus on the clothes you pack. The most important thing to remember? Layers are the key to efficient weather protection.

Start with a breathable, lightweight baselayer. You’ll want something that wicks sweat and dries quickly.

Next is the mid-layer. Fleece is a great option for a balance of comfort and protection from the cold. 

The final, exterior layer is exposed to the elements, so you’ll need insulated jackets and pants that can adapt to changing conditions.

Get the right gear.

If you’re a seasoned camper, you’ve probably got the basics covered for late spring, summer, and early fall camping. All you’ve got to do to start camping during the winter is pick up a tent and sleeping bag that can handle the elements in all four seasons. 

Know your surroundings.

The last thing to consider is what you’ll be doing during your camping trip. You’re there to get active and explore the outdoors. You’ll need to think about how you’ll navigate the terrain. Do you want to hike? Snowshoe? Cross-country ski? Or, maybe you want to push your limits and try mountaineering or hitting up the backcountry slopes. Whatever activities your new landscape affords, make sure you’ve got the skill and gear you need to stay safe.