More Details The classic-fit Mudder Trucker is a versatile, trucker-style cap that comes in an array of high-contrast colors to keep your trail hair under control. Featuring sustainably-conscious materials, this is the hat you’ll reach for when exploration is on the agenda.
More Details The shallow-fit Class V Camp Hat features recycled materials in the body and panel fabrics and has a FlashDry™ sweatband for day-long comfort in the outdoors.
More Details The Deep Fit Mudder Trucker is a versatile, trucker-style cap that has been updated with a roomier fit. It also comes in an array of high-contrast colors so you can keep looking good and your campsite hair under control.
More Details The Trail Trucker 2.0 is a great all-occasion cap for your urban and wilderness adventures. The mesh back panel will help keep your head cool on those challenging switchbacks or spring bootpacks.
More Details The Littles Trucker takes iconic Americana and scales it down for smaller adventurers. With a screen-printed graphic on the front and breathable mesh on the back, the most unruly trail hair just met its match.

Trucker Hat Origins


From workwear to sportswear to becoming a fashion statement, the trucker hat has earned its place in American fashion history. For one, trucker hats are, of course, incredibly stylish, but they’re also super practical, providing additional airflow and protection during long days spent outdoors.


From working-class to style classic


It’s true, trucker hats are an American original. And they’ve been about for a pretty long time, too. Having first gained traction in the early-to-mid 1900s, they were merely a branding tool in the beginning.

For roughly three decades, between the 1930s to the 1960s, farm supply businesses used them as promotional goodies to gain favor with local farmers. Needless to say, the style caught on and continues to be an accessories favorite. That may be in part due to its clever design architecture.


A lofty design for better airflow


Unlike baseball caps, the original trucker cap features a higher crown, a curvy bill, and a mesh back to encourage air circulation when exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Since then, the original shape may have shifted slightly, but the purpose remains the same. While the mesh back and adjustable back strap are still signature features, sportier versions feature a lower, more rounded crown while keeping your head cool and offering protection from the sun.


A cap for every head


Our Mudder Trucker cap plays right into the trucker hat trend but it comes with a modern twist. The body as well as the mesh panels are made from recycled polyester. It also features a slightly lower crown for a more timeless design.

To help you stay even drier during your outdoor adventures, we’ve also added a sweatband using our signature FlashDry technology, so you don’t need to sweat staying dry. What’s more, it comes in a range of fun, color blocking styles for every taste.

The trucker hat has become a true American style icon, having gone from farmer’s accessory to fashion favorite in the past century. Shop our Trucker Hats at The North Face.