More Details It’s our classic Borealis reimagined with a women-specific suspension, more bungee storage options, and simplified internal organization.
More Details With three large, easy-to-access, zippered pockets on the front, the Surge offers plenty of organization.
More Details Our classic Jester pack has a padded laptop sleeve, simplified organization, and it can stand up completely unsupported. It’s also endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.
More Details It’s our classic Borealis Backpack reimagined with more bungee storage options and simplified internal organization.
More Details With elevated fabric and plenty of storage, this daypack is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.
More Details With its modern city aesthetic, the over-the-shoulder Commuter Pack carries your small essentials.
More Details The Borealis Mini Backpack will carry a small load and still has the iconic front bungee system of its bigger sibling.
More Details An icon reimagined, the Recon excels as a daypack with its large mesh storage pocket and daisy-chain attachment points.

When it comes to your bag, grey doesn’t have to mean bland. Choose a comfortable, functional, and stylish grey backpack to fit your lifestyle.



Functional, not flashy





Each of these grey backpacks is a perfect marriage between high-quality function and a classy, understated style. Your bag will blend into the background while you steal the show.



At school, the office, or out on the trails, these durable bags will show little wear and tear. The variety of styles means you can pick and choose to match your needs.



Style in shape





While it might be a snap to choose between a dark and light grey backpack, there’s more to consider than just color. The muted color palette leaves you to focus on the useful features packed into the configuration of each bag. Sleek and minimalist, rugged and trail-worthy, or traditional and functional, you have plenty of options when it comes to matching your own personal fashion.



With an array of designs available, you can find the grey backpack that’s perfectly suited for you. Students can look to the classic Recon Backpack, the Router Transit Backpack is a must-have for business professionals on the go. And when it comes to camping and hiking, the Terra 55 Backpack is all you need and more.



Built to last





Each of our bags is built to stand up to rough treatment. Constantly stuff your bag into the overhead luggage rack on a train or airplane, toss it down at your latest campsite, stuff it full of heavy books. These bags can take it. Many bags also have padded pockets and special laptop sleeves to protect your more delicate cargo from damage.



Some people are lucky enough to have a five-minute commute to work or class. For those who will be wearing their grey backpack for much longer, rest assured that they’re engineered with your comfort in mind. Padded straps, improved suspension systems, breathable fabric, and a combination of slim and wide designs all mean when you’re on the go all day, you’ll barely remember that you’re carrying any extra weight.