More Details This updated Women’s Osito Etip™ Glove is an ultra-warm, high-loft fleece glove with touchscreen connectivity and a silicone-printed palm for a superior grip in icy conditions.
 $45.00  $19.99
More Details Touchscreen-compatible fleece gloves for running.
More Details Our touchscreen-compatible fleece gloves are a runner’s favorite not just because they’re made to keep your hands in their natural relaxed position, but because you don’t have to take them off to use your phone. Four-way stretch means these soft gloves work with your hands as they get warmer on the trail, and a gripper palm ensures the days of dropping your phone in the mud are over.
More Details Wind-resistant, stretch fleece gloves for breathable warmth in cool, blustery conditions.
More Details Navigate the city with wind- and water-resistant gloves that are crafted from soft, jersey-faced fleece and feature stretch, double-knit palms with U|R® Powered conductive technology for five-finger touchscreen capability.
More Details Crafted from warm, durable fleece, the updated Denali Etip™ Glove provides all-conditions touchscreen functionality and warmth, from the city to the backcountry.
More Details The Girls' Osito Etip™ Glove is a durable, warm, touchscreen-compatible fleece glove with a silicone palm for superior grip.
 $35.00  $19.99
More Details Touchscreen capable, silicone palm fleece gloves for superior warmth and grip in icy conditions.
More Details Crafted from a warm, durable fleece, the Women's Denali Etip™ Glove delivers five-finger touchscreen compatibility and a silicone gripper palm for do-it-all functionality when you escape the city.
More Details Durable, stretch-fleece gloves with touchscreen-compatible fingertips and rugged, silicone palms for a superior grip.
More Details Sweater fleece gloves for touchscreen-compatibility in the backcountry.

Men's and Women's Black Fleece Gloves

Make the most of your commute with black fleece gloves from The North Face, featuring smartphone compatible technology. ETIP functionality allows you to operate your touchscreen devices without removing your gloves, making it easy to call and text on the go. A silicone gripper palm offers additional security for holding your phone or getting a good grip on your bag or umbrella handle.

Keep your technology accessible without sacrificing comfort with black fleece gloves designed for all-weather warmth. Four-way stretch fleece creates a lightweight feel with plenty of mobility, while lined soft-shell styles delivers water-repellent warmth when winter arrives. For a cozy touch, high loft fleece creates an exceptionally soft feel complete with nylon and silicone features to keep your gloves functional.

Discover your perfect fit with our men's and women's black fleece gloves. 5 Dimensional Fit ensures consistent sizing, while our dedicated styles for men and women support your hands in their natural position. Crafted for warmth and usability, The North Face' gloves offer a functional solution for any commute.

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