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Men’s Dune Sky Short-Sleeve
UPF Protection
Men’s Dune Sky Long-Sleeve
UPF Protection
Men’s Class V Water Top
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Women’s Plus Adventure Sun Hoodie
Men’s First Trail Short-Sleeve Shirt
UPF Protection
Women’s Adventure Sun Hoodie
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Men’s First Trail UPF Long-Sleeve Shirt
UPF Protection
Men’s LIGHTRANGE™ Shadow Long-Sleeve
UPF Protection
Base Sun Sleeve
UPF Protection
Men’s Adventure Sun Hoodie
UPF Protection
Men’s LIGHTRANGE™ Summer Short-Sleeve
UPF Protection
Kids’ Amphibious Sun Set
UPF Protection
Men’s Class V Water Hoodie
UPF Protection
Men’s LIGHTRANGE™ Shadow Short-Sleeve
UPF Protection
Girls’ Amphibious Long-Sleeve Sun Tee
Men’s Dune Sky Polo
UPF Protection
Baby Amphibious Sun One-Piece
What is sun protective clothing/UPF clothing?
Sun protective clothing is made in a way that blocks some percentage of the sun's UV rays from reaching the skin.
What does UPF stand for?
UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It's similar to an SPF rating for sunscreen. The higher the UPF, the more protection it offers from the sun. Clothing with a UPF of 50 blocks all but 1/50th of the sun's rays from reaching the skin. Clothing with a UPF of 30 or better gets The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation. When it comes to UPF ratings, 30-49 is considered good protection. 50 and above is excellent.
Do you need sunscreen if you have sun protection clothing?
Yes! Sunscreen is still important, especially on your face and other exposed skin. Most people don't cover every inch of their body with clothing. Any skin that's still exposed to sunlight should be getting a layer of sunscreen.
How do you wash sun protected clothes?
Sun protected clothes can be washed in the washing machine, like your other clothes. For the best results, wash your UPF clothes in cool or cold water on gentle with mild detergent. Instead of using the dryer, air dry sun protective clothes without wringing them out.
Is it safe to wear sun protective clothing every day?
Yes! Sun protective clothing is just like your other clothing when it comes to wearing it. You can wear your sun protective clothing as often and for as long as you like. Just make sure to keep it clean between uses.
Does black UV protective clothing reflect the sun's rays?
Color plays a part in making UPF clothing. Dark and bright colors absorb UV rays before they can get to your skin. If you're looking for extra sun protection, black and other dark colors are particularly good choices.