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Berkeley Field Bag
Berkeley Field Bag
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Give new life to the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink.” Tote bags are the perfect accessory when you want to pack anything you could need on a trip, whether it’s long or short. Plus, they’re versatile enough to go wherever you do.


Going where you go


Daily commute on the subway? You’ve got what you need by your side. Weekend trip to that place you’ve always wanted to visit? Snacks, clothes, and room for souvenirs, no problem. City farmer’s market? You brought your own bag! Wherever you need to go, tote bags make great companions for carrying things to and from. The designs range from utilitarian to fashionable and everywhere in between.


Organized storage


Totes are well-known for having one large pocket where you can dump whatever you need. But much like our selection of backpacks, we offer a variety of styles. While we do offer the standard-variety tote with one large pocket, we also have something for the organizers out there. The North Dome Rope Bag is a great example. Not only do you have your main pocket, you also get a variety of smaller zippered pockets, external pouches, and gear lash points to make sure you can carry everything you need and still find your smaller essentials.


Convenience at hand


Totes are the go-to bag for storage. You can hit the beach, carrying a towel, sunscreen, water, snacks, and more, all ready to go. They make great gym bags; no more finding somewhere to stuff your running shoes when you have all this room. Or you can run errands while saving the planet, one unused plastic shopping bag at a time. They’re even great for travel, as many feature zippered tops to keep your toiletries and pajamas from spilling out during a bumpy ride.


Add some style to your day


Just because totes tend toward a simple design doesn’t mean they can’t add some flair to your look. Our standard cotton tote offers a couple of different prints for you to rock, while the Electra Tote’s two-tone color scheme and angled profile give it a sleeker, more fashionable edge to your look.


On the go? No problem. Fill your tote with spare casual clothes, black flip flops, and summer clothes for kids to slip on after your day at the beach. A sun hat is helpful in the city and the forest, as are a spare pair of outdoor socks. If you need a different bag style, try a middle school book bag or a hiking day pack.