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When it’s time to head to middle school in the fall, we’ve got your kid’s back with middle school backpacks that will withstand the bumpiest of bus journeys. Even the pickiest middle schooler won’t want to turn up their nose at one of these great bags.


Bags for books, folders, and art projects


Whatever you have to fit in this backpack, there’s room and more. Neatly packed the night before or crammed in the last second over breakfast, there’s more than enough room for your child’s daily supplies. 


Projects will easily travel to and from school, and there’s plenty of room left over for a packed lunch.


Built for a hard life


Whether they belong to a boy or girl, backpacks for middle school are bound to experience a bit of a rough life. Tossed into a pile during a field trip, subjected to a tug-of-war with friends, or just the daily trip to and from school with a pile of books, these tough backpacks can stand up to even the most rough and tumble of kids.


A pop of style


When it comes to middle school, cute backpacks are a must. That’s why we’re proud to offer bags your kids will be excited to show off to their friends, along with plenty of other kids’ fashion. Whether it’s bright colors, cool patterns, or a unique style, kids all over will be clamoring for one of these cute backpacks for middle school.


Scouts, soccer. ballet. tutoring. student council. No matter the extracurricular activity, plenty of kids have to pack for more than just the school day. Make sure your child heads to school prepared, with plenty of space left over for a karate gi, extra tennis shoes, or a project for the robotics club. Our backpacks can easily last throughout the day without breaking a sweat.