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Run with Confidence

Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a thrill-seeker or new to the trail, you’ll need a good pair of soles at your feet to keep you on track. That’s why we developed our flagship VECTIV trail running shoes, made to support you in every terrain so you can chase your outdoor goals with confidence. 

Running shoes for every terrain

There’s nothing quite like the raw paths of nature, where the winds beat through the bushes, the wilderness roars in the distance and the ground cracks underneath your feet. You can never be certain of what exactly lies ahead on a dirt track, but you know with the right gear, you’re ready to go every inch of every mile. That’s why the perfect running shoe is crucial, with enough support to cushion your joints through rough terrain and propel you forward every step of the way.

Our VECTIV trail running shoes were designed for exactly that. They’re made to steady you through dirt trails crumbling, roots poking out of the ground and rocks loosening beneath your feet, all the while keeping you at pace.

Running shoes ready brave the elements

Come rain, snow, hail or sunshine, trail running is not for the faint-hearted. Every track is a beast of its own, so it's normal for things to get a little messy. That’s why our footwear is designed to not only keep up but push you further, regardless of how rough it gets. These men’s trail running shoes are designed for the track, so you know can depend on them no matter what.

The shoe to get you there

The VECTIV trail running shoe has been engineered with a precision stretch fit upper to help keep you secure while flexibly molding to your feet’s shape and movements. Meanwhile, the curved rocker sole and built-in carbon plate are designed to transfer your running energy, propelling you forward as you go. Complement the look with our extensive range of men’s trail running gear.

Every terrain comes with its own challenges. Discover our range of VECTIV trail running shoes to help you conquer any terrain, no matter what lies ahead.