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Men’s Higher Run Wind Jacket
Women’s Trailwear Wind Whistle Jacket
Women’s Higher Run Wind Jacket
Men’s Summit Series Altimetro ¾-Zip Top
Sunriser Run Vest 8
Women’s Sunriser ¼-Zip
Men’s Trailwear Fantasy Ridge ½-Zip
Men’s Sunriser ¼-Zip
Women’s Winter Warm Pro Jacket
Women’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Women’s Trailwear QTM High-Rise 7/8 Tights
Men’s Winter Warm Pro Tights
Men’s Trailwear OKT Trail Shorts
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Men’s Wander Long-Sleeve
Women’s Trailwear QTM Bike Shorts
New To Sale
Men’s Sunriser ¼-Zip
Women’s Summit Series High Trail Run Tank
Women’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ Crew
Men’s Winter Warm Pro Jacket
Men’s Winter Warm Essential Crew
Men’s Limitless Run Shorts
Men’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Men’s Summit Series Superior Wind Jacket

Dress for success on your next run with the best running jackets, shoes, and other running outerwear from The North Face. Get all the gear you need for city and trail running.


Women's and men's running jackets


Get an all-weather jacket for getting your morning jog in outdoors. You can be ready for all kinds of weather with FUTURELIGHT™ rain jackets that feature a durable water-repellent finish (DWR). If you like to take your run by the water, a windproof windbreaker will help keep you warm despite chilly breezes. Want to keep your jacket secure during a high-performance run, look for jackets with thumbholes to keep you comfy. From full-zip to half-zips to pullover, you can find the perfect running jacket for you.


Running gear from head to toe


Get all the running gear you need for a full athletic outfit. A water-resistant wind jacket protects your athletic top (and you!) in case a light rain blows up while you're out. With chest pockets and hand pockets, you have plenty of space to store your wallet, keys, and phone while you go. Shop sizes up to XXL and 5X for the most comfortable fit. Add a pair of running shorts or tights, and you're almost done! All that's left is grabbing a pair of socks and our ultra-comfortable running shoes and you've got a training outfit of best sellers.


What are the different types of running outerwear?


There are tons of ways to dress for a day out running. Pull on a full-zip hoodie when the weather turns cool. Athletic shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt are great in cool weather. You can also pull on running tights for winter running, or add an ultralight track jacket over your running gear.


What is a popular type of outerwear for running?


Our packable jackets are ideal for running because they're already made to be lightweight. Fabrics with high breathability and sweat-wicking fabric offer weather protection without smothering you. Grab a softshell jacket for optimum mobility on your run.


What are some important considerations when choosing running outerwear?


Keep in mind where and when you will be running and what the temperature will be like. While you might need a quilted pullover in cold weather, a wind-resistant win jacket is ideal for blocking a breeze on a shoreside jog. In the sprint, weather-resistant gear is a must and breathable base layers and running shoes are perfect for summer.


Casual jogger to marathon prepper, our running outerwear is perfect for athletes of all skill levels. Get ready for your next jog in comfy, athletic outerwear.