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Men’s Paramount Pro Joggers
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Men’s Paramount Pro Convertible Pants

Getting ready to head out for a hike? Make sure you're prepared with hiking pants that will carry you all the way to your destination with ease.


Styles galore: cargo, capri, and convertible pants


Trekking through the backcountry can come with some unexpected twists in the weather. That's why we offer several styles of zip-off convertible pants. Hikers can start with warm pants on a chilly morning, then remove the zippered pant legs as the day heats up. Instantly transition from a pair of pants to much cooler shorts. You can't beat that versatility.


When going backpacking, a good pair of hiking boots isn't your only necessity. Cargo pants can provide the extra trail storage of cargo pockets. Keep small necessities on hand in thigh pockets and keep weight out of your hiking pack. Several of our women's hiking pants styles are capri length, for cool-weather trail pants. We even have trail-worthy leggings, perfect for trail running or a slim fit look. The North Face gear is more than just durable: it's made with a style you'll love to show off.


Best hiking pants for conquering tough trails


Long-time backpackers know that hiking gear has to be made for the trails. Whether you're on your hundredth trip out or you're looking for some high-quality gear for your first hike, we've got your back. Even when you go renegade in the rougher country, our blended fabrics combine the durability of ripstop and the stretch of spandex or elastane. The stretchy weave and articulated knees let you keep a wider range of motion, for clambering over any obstacles in your way. The abrasion-resistant design means you can climb over those obstacles without worrying about rips.


We've got what you need to prep for any weather ahead. Try our sun protective clothing, with up to UPF 50 sun protection to avoid sunburn. When it's time for clouds to roll in, our durable water-repellent (DWR) coating makes these water-resistant bottoms perfect rain pants. Just tighten the drawstring on your hooded raincoat and push on through the drizzle.


Keep comfy with women's and men's hiking pants


One of the most important things on the trail is staying comfortable. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics help keep you dry even when you sweat. Cool off with high-breathability fabrics that let air through. A gusseted crotch allows greater freedom of movement; the gusset and inseam are both stitched for comfort. Stretchy waists and drawcord hems let you fit your pants right to you.


Pair your trail pants with a softshell jacket or a fleece on a chilly day, or stick to base layer tank tops in the heat.


Ready to explore the great outdoors? Not without a sturdy pair of hiking pants! Move freely with hiking pants that can withstand miles of wear and tear.