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Grey is a no-brainer for rainy days, so why not match the weather with a grey rain jacket to keep you dry? There's no better way to brave the elements, especially on a windy day or a long hike, where an umbrella might be a no-go.


Don't let the weather bring you down


If you've got places to be, a little rain isn't going to keep you inside. That's why we have a selection of grey rain jackets to keep you up and moving even when the weather's less than ideal. Waterproof, but still breathable, you can go all day on the trail, head fearlessly into the city, and make camp even in the rain without breaking a sweat. Windproofing adds an extra layer of protection to keep you going despite the elements. If the weather turns chilly, the relaxed fit of our raincoats makes them easy to layer with fleece tops or hoodies to keep you toasty as well as dry.


Easy to bring along


Our rainwear isn't made to be bulky. Their lightweight design also means they can fold into an easily stowable size. Leave room in your outdoor backpack for the rest of your supplies while also being covered if anything happens on the trail. If you're packing a travel bag, you won't need to debate over whether or not you have the room to come prepared. Even if you prefer to tie your spare jacket around your waist for easy access, you'll barely even notice it's there until you need it. A grey rain jacket is the perfect travel companion, from the city to the backwoods.


Versatile design


Grey is one of the most versatile colors around, making it perfect for a multi-use rain jacket. You can head into the woods on a camping trip with your new favorite raincoat in tow as easily as wearing it to work or on your daily errands. Grey is suitable for events of all kinds, and it allows you to blend into the crowd or stand out as you see fit. Plus, if your coat gets dirty while on a camping trip, you can throw it in the wash and easily wear it into town during the next rainstorm.