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Women’s Antora Parka
Women’s Plus Antora Parka
Men’s Antora Parka
Men’s Arctic Parka Premium
Women’s Arctic Parka Premium
Women’s Shelbe Raschel Parka
Women’s Plus Metropolis Parka
Women’s Plus Arctic Parka
Women’s Metropolis Parka
Women’s Arctic Parka

Grey Parka Jackets


Cold days are the best adventure days–if you’ve got the right gear backing you up. Grey parka jackets are a must for the blustery days spent hiking, camping, or commuting to work. No matter what your cold-weather day looks like, a perfect-fit parka is the missing piece to your next epic adventure. 


Designed for Cold-Weather Adventuring


Windproof, waterproof, breathable, form-flattering–whatever is on your list for the ultimate grey parka, we can help. Opt for an updated A-line silhouette design that doesn’t just protect from the cold but also brings the heat to your street style. Seek out a cinchable waist parka with must-have features like a water-repellent shell or down parka with filled insulation. Choose a thigh-length, breathable parka, or pick a parka with zip-in compatibility with our yellow-label liner jackets for an extra dose of warmth. Whatever you’re after, no matter your preferred adventure, there’s a functional, fashionable, and comfortable quilted or hooded parka waiting for you. 


Stay Warm with Our Grey Parka Jackets 


Keeping warm matters; so does protecting the planet. With our selection of grey parkas, you can do both. Many of our grey parkas are made with 100% recycled fabrics and come in extended sizing so that everyone can find their perfect-fit parka that puts the planet first. Pair your Grey Parka Jacket with the perfect fleece for an extra dose of comfort. 


From Commuting to Cold-Weather Camping.


Adventure is out there waiting for you–and sometimes, it’s colder than you anticipated. From a chilly bike commute to work battling the winter wind or a breezy day on the side of a mountain, you deserve a warm, dependable, and feature-rich grey parka jacket that’s got your back–no matter how cold it gets. Adjustable, customizable, sustainable, and, most importantly, functional, our selection of grey parka jackets keeps you warm and ready for the next adventure on your list, no matter what temperature you anticipate. The coldest temperatures don't stand a chance against The North Face Grey Parka Jackets. Snag yours for the next chilly adventure on your list. Shop now at The North Face.