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Women’s Short-Sleeve Half Dome Crop Tee
Women’s Never Stop Wearing Skort
Bones Recycled Beanie
Men’s Base Camp Slides III
Base Camp Mules
Women’s Guide Forward Rib Tanklette
Women’s Aphrodite 2.0 Capris
Women’s Arque Hike Dress
Women’s Hydrenaline™ Skirt 2000
Women’s Never Stop Wearing Pants
Women’s Brand Proud Hoodie
Women’s Aphrodite 2.0 Capris
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Men’s Valley Twill Flannel Shirt
Women’s Skeena Sandals
Men’s Valley Twill Utility Shacket
New To Sale
Men’s Wander Shorts
Top Seller
Men’s Box NSE Pullover Hoodie
New To Sale
Men’s Valley Twill Flannel Shirt
Men’s Trailwear OKT Joggers
Men’s Nuptse Mules Corduroy
New To Sale
Men’s Valley Twill Utility Shacket
Women’s Tekno Pullover Hoodie

Get The North Face's essential college clothes for game day, study sessions, going to class, and weekend adventures. Pick your favorite college student styles.


Back-to-school campus styles for any college kid


College style doesn't have to be all academic cardigans and sweater vests. Dress in your favorite streetwear styles for college sports games and days at class. Ditch your high school look for a new style! At our fan shop, we're rooting for you. When it's time to take off the professional button-downs, trade it for comfy clothes that still offer miles of style. From tank tops and flip flops perfect for a sunny day on the quad to a sweatshirt for a college football game, we've got it all. Add a crop top to match your college capris, and you're ready for a day exploring campus! Give your favorite college student a gift card to let them pick their own at-school styles.


Comfy college clothing for relaxing in or out of your dorm


From sweatpants and loungewear pants to worn-in t-shirts, we know you want to dress comfy on campus. Whether you're in your dorm relaxing after a long day of class or heading to the library or the caf for a study session, we can hook you up with the clothes that will keep you comfortable all day and night. Pair college hoodies with your favorite leggings and you've got an outfit ready for anything. Just grab your backpack and you're ready to go! Make sure to get the best fit by shopping standard or plus size options so you can stay comfy.


College apparel that can handle anything you throw at it


This is more than a t-shirt or a crewneck sweatshirt with your school's logo on the front. Our durable designs are made for life on and beyond campus. Whether you're heading home for a weekend visit, going on a trip with your club, or packing a hiking bag for a backpacking adventure with your new friends, we've got the sportswear that can keep up step-for-step. Our unisex college sweatshirts are perfect for a night out or for a night spent sleeping under the stars. Joggers will love our long- and short-sleeve shirts for early morning runs before class. And our flip-flops and slides are easy to slip on to head to the caf or as camp shoes on a hiking trip. Pick your favorite durable style.


Get ready for a life on campus with college clothes to wear to class and on weekends. Get comfortable and get studying with college clothing essentials.