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Men’s Hedgehog 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots
Kids’ ThermoBall™ Traction Booties
Men’s Hedgehog 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots
Men’s Hedgehog 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoes
Limited Time Sale
Men’s Hedgehog 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoes
Limited Time Sale

These brown boots are made for walking, and trekking, climbing, jumping, dancing, and everything else you can get up to. Whether you’re looking for work boots to complement your formal outfit or brown high tops to go with spring’s chic look, duck boots for work, or riding boots for leisure, the right booties can surely make your day and night.


A brown boot for every kind of day


From the dead of winter to the sunniest summer day, a pair of brown boots should be a staple in your wardrobe. Invest in strong, sturdy snow boots for when it’s coming down hard, and for those light walking days, trendy dress boots will take any ensemble up a notch. Look for faux fur to add some style or classic suede for a subtle accent. 


Choosing the right style of boots


The brown boots you choose can reflect your personal style, so it’s important to know your options. Some go for comfort and accessibility, and some look for style. Whatever you fancy, they’re sure to turn heads.


Chelsea boots were made popular during the ‘mod’ era of the 50s and 60s. These slip-ons also work as ankle boots that go with any outfit. If you prefer high heel or mid-heel boots, block heel or thin heeled ones – a heeled style can elongate your body and add length to your outfit too.


Maybe you’re looking for a new kind of kick with cowboy boots. Some are knee-high boots, and some are calf boots, this style of western boots adds the right amount of swag to your wardrobe.


Lace-up boots are ideal for when you’re not in a hurry, enjoy lacing these up as you go about town. If you’re looking for a bestseller choice for people of all ages, combat boots are the perfect chunky add-ons that go with almost everything.


Boots that take you all the way


Our collection of men's and women’s brown boots are made to last the longest miles. With good grips, warm lining, and even wide calf options, your feet will always be on-trend in these.


Shop trending and comfortable brown boots online. The North Face winter boots for men, women, and kids are made for style and convenience. Explore new arrivals now.