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Men’s Apex Bionic 3 Vest
Men’s Apex Bionic 3 Jacket
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Men’s Apex Bionic 3 Jacket
Men’s Apex Bionic 3 Hoodie
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Men’s Apex Bionic 3 Vest

Prepare for any and every adventure with the outerwear that does it all. The North Face apex outerwear offers durable outerwear that stands the test of time. From the longest, coldest days backpacking up the mountain to the rainiest days commuting to work, you deserve a jacket that keeps you warm, dry, and ready for anything.


Wind chill doesn't stand a chance against The North Face Apex technology. Designed with refinement in mind, apex jackets and outerwear keep you warmer and more protected than ever–and the healthy dose of style doesn't hurt, either.


Versatile, Windproof Apex Jackets for Every Adventure


From apex jackets with tough outer shells to soft and breathable fabrics that deliver light warmth and solid protection in cool conditions, our selection of DWR, windproof apex outerwear has you covered. With an emphasis on comfort and the promise of lasting warmth, our jackets, thermals, hoodies, and vests deliver the mobility you need to keep the adventure going–no matter what weather comes your way.


Apex jackets are used as both inner or outer layers for hiking. Apex outerwear is designed with 100% wind-proof fabric for optimal coverage in the windiest conditions. Tack on a jacket to keep yourself warm for the snow


Durable and Beyond


Superior warmth, exceptional comfort–both on and off the trail. Rugged and durable, Apex outerwear–like The North Face's men's Apex Bionic Jackets and women's Apex Bionic Jackets–are sturdy enough for multi-seasonal use, ensuring you're never stuck in the cold without the right protection.


Everyday Functionality, From Backpacking to Commuting


The best feature of The North Face apex outerwear? The versatility. With the technology available in thermal sweaters, hoodies, jackets, vests, and more, there's a design for every adventurer–no matter their style preference.


Add thermal base layers under your Apex Bionic Jacket on your next backpacking trip. Slip an apex thermal jacket underneath a heavier coat. Opt for a vest for a soft shell and bonus layer that offers water-resistant, windproof protection. No matter what your adventure looks like–from a long weekend camping to an even longer day in the office–The North Face apex technology and outwear has you covered (and comfy).