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Hike Light Cushion Low Ankle Socks
Everyday Top Stripe Ankle Socks

Unless you’re rocking trendy outdoor sandals or kicking it in casual comfort, you probably put socks on every day. Men’s and women’s ankle socks are a staple item whether you’re going about your daily life or gearing up for your next hike. If you are a hiker, camper, outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who values comfort and quality, you know the importance of great crew socks, athletic socks, no-show socks, and ankle socks. There are few things that can change an experience as dramatically as ankle socks that go beyond thin fabric foot coverings. Take your ankle socks on every adventure with our best-seller items, available in men’s, women’s, and unisex fits.


An Ankle Sock for Every Activity


Opting for activity-specific ankle socks is key to comfort and durability. We know that specific interests demand specific features and have developed a variety of ankle socks, athletic socks, low-cut socks, and no-show socks to fit your needs—men’s, women’s, in a variety of sizes–for whatever adventures you have planned. Whether you’re looking for some of our best-seller men’s ankle socks designed for enhanced breathability and cushioning on long hikes or women’s ankle socks that deliver unmatched comfort, accessibility, and performance on your daily run, we have something for you. Looking to tackle a long day of hiking? Pack ankle socks for optimal comfort. Whether you’re seeking moisture-wicking comfort, accessibility, or the perfect pair of ankle socks to pull over your tights, leggings, or hiking pants, there’s a must-hair pair of quarter socks right here in the collection waiting for you.


All-Day Comfort You Can Count On


Nothing says technology like socks. Our socks are packed with innovative technologies that make them maximally breathable, comfortable, and durable for your plate's moisture-wicking activities. Our Indestructawool, 4 Degree Elite Fit System, and Virtually Seamless toe are prime examples of how we’re committed to crafting the perfect ankle sock. The result of these sock innovations is footwear perfection. So, hit the trails, keep your toes warm in your tent, or enjoy the bliss of all-day commuter comfort by picking the perfect pair of socks that go above and beyond.


Tread Lightly in The North Face Ankle Socks


Craving superior sock performance that’s also friendly to the planet? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for basics like black ankle socks, white ankle socks, or something more colorful and fun, our socks are made with Merino wool that is responsibly sourced and sustainable. You can even find other styles, like crew socks, cotton socks, and low ankle socks, if you prefer. No matter what you’re after–men’s ankle socks, women’s ankle socks, athletic socks, no-show socks, low-cut socks, cotton socks, and beyond–you’ll feel good about treading lightly while you get out and explore this wonderful world in your new ankle socks. So, what are you waiting for? Snag the perfect pair of quarter socks, ankle socks, low-cut socks, or no-show socks and head to the checkout–it’s time to take on your next adventure!


How to wear ankle socks? 


Ankle socks for men and women can offer warmth, comfort, and protection the right way. Rock your ankle socks with a pair of low-cut hiking boots for premium protection on the trail, your trail running shoes for extra cushion , or even your sports sandals for a little extra warmth.


How to fold ankle socks correctly? 


The beauty of men and women’s ankle socks? They’re pretty easy to fold. Snag your favorite pair of ankle socks, twist them so the heel is upward facing. Flatten them out. Do the same thing to the other sock and place them on top of each other. Now, take the cuff-end of the sock, fold it until ir reaches the middle of your sock, and then take the toe-end and tuck it into the sock. 


Your feet propel you on everyday adventures. Take care of them the right way with comfy, supportive ankle socks from The North Face.