Black History, Bold Future.

This Black History Month, we’re proud to highlight the space and joy team athletes Manoah, Marie-Louise and Fred have carved out for themselves in the outdoors.

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This project doesn't ask you to explain the why, but instead celebrates the how. How do you belong outside? How do you find Black joy outside? By chasing their own joy, curiosity and approach, these three athletes are making way for the next generation of Black explorers to do the same.

Team athlete Marie-Louise boulders.

Everything that I do is so that Black women can see this and feel like they can do this too.

Team athlete Marie-Louise sits on a climbing mat.
Team athlete Manoah chalks up.

I can care less about how people view me. But if it motivates them or inspires them in any way, honestly, that’s the stuff that keeps me going.

Team athlete Manoah climbs in our Black History Month Collection.
Team athlete Fred stands by a mural in The North Face gear.

Black History in America has a long tradition of grit and fighting for what’s right and best for everybody. As I go through my life I try and live those principles.

Team athlete Fred prepares to climb.

Get to know Memphis Rox.

A nonprofit rock-climbing gym and community center, Memphis Rox brings rehabilitation, healing and a renewed sense of hope to their community. We drew inspiration from their gym’s color palette when designing this year’s Black History Month Collection.

Three team athletes wearing gear from The North Face Black History Month Collection walk
            in front of a mural.

Black History Month Collection