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One Bag
Blue Kazoo Sleeping Bag
Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag
Gold Kazoo Sleeping Bag
Trail Lite Down 35 Sleeping Bag
Trail Lite Down 20 Sleeping Bag
Trail Lite Down 0 Sleeping Bag
Wawona Bed 35 Sleeping Bag
Wawona Bed 20 Sleeping Bag
Wawona Bed Double Sleeping Bag
Youth Wasatch Pro 20 Sleeping Bag
Wawona Blanket
Wawona Ground Tarp
Wawona Fuzzy Blanket
TNF X OC Polartec® Blanket
How do I choose a sleeping bag for camping?
The first thing you need to do is a little bit of research. How cold will it get at night where you want to go camping? Sleeping bag temperature ratings range from -40°F to over 40°F. How much weight are you looking to carry? Light bags come in at under 2 pounds while heavier bags can come in at over 3 pounds. Keep in mind the other gear you'll have to carry.
What is a good sleeping bag for camping?
All The North Face sleeping bags are fit for campers. The bag you should choose depends on what you want your bag to do. A versatile sleeping bag like the Cat's Meow is perfect for three season mountaineering. An ultralight bag like the Lynx is a backpacker's best friend. Casual campers will love the Eco Trail Bed 20.
What is the best sleeping bag for winter camping?
A sleeping bag rated for low temperatures with down insulation is best. The North Face Inferno -40F/-40C sleeping bag is a good example of a sleeping bag for winter nights.