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Ingrid’s ‘Fresh Tracks’ Playlist

May 8, 2020


Big mountain skier and team athlete Ingrid Backstrom is an icon in her own right, starring in more than 20 ski films and conquering first descents across the globe. When she's not chasing the perfect line, she's chasing her two little girls.

As we celebrate the strength of the women who inspire us most this Mother’s Day, we're sharing Ingrid’s favorite tunes for hard-charging, unwinding, and connecting with her family.

How music helps Ingrid stay balanced as a mother and athlete:

"Having kids has changed me in a lot of ways, but I still love skiing as much as ever.  What’s different now is that my time is more concentrated. I really want to make each run count. It’s similar to music in that it’s more important than ever to me as a way to unwind, be silly and joyful, and connect as a family. But most days, it feels like I barely have time to push "play" on a playlist, let alone scroll around to find the perfect one for that moment. So it has to be something fun and time-tested."

How catchy tunes overrule "cool" tunes with young ears:

"I will listen to anything and dance like crazy. I don’t care at all anymore if the songs are cool or not, but whatever it is, I want it to be good and not have much thought required. Kids know this too when listening to music, they don’t have time for anything that isn't totally catchy. It needs to be immediately danceable, sing-along-able, or both.  We listen to plenty of Sesame Street’s "Hokey Pokey" and Pete the Cat—it’s like magic to ensure a smooth car ride to the mountain. But don’t worry, I’ll let you go ahead and "discover" that on your own." 

How she still sneaks in the tunes she loves (and inspires invites to Bad Bunny):

"Luckily my kids are young enough still that they enjoy what we like too (reggae, Top 40, indie pop, dance music, classics of any genre) and we can get away with some slightly risqué songs for another year or two. But the questions and hilarious comments are constant, 'Mom, who sings this?' Or, 'Mom, it’s Cardi B again, she’s driving with that lamb.' Or, 'Hey Mom, Bad Bunny is coming over for dinner tonight. Can we have carrots?' To which I'll inevitably say, 'Yes, we sure can. Now, everyone out of the car. It’s time to ski! What’s that? Yes, Bad Bunny can come skiing with us, too.'"