Arctic Refuge

Speak Up for America’s Last Wild Frontier

Get involved to protect the Arctic Refuge and its Coastal Plain


It’s Time to Protect the Arctic Refuge


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a national treasure, is under threat.

We encourage you to sign Alaska Wilderness League’s petition and speak up for this pristine, endangered ecosystem to save it from big oil drilling. The North Face is built on a love for the outdoors, and we are committed to protecting our outdoor playgrounds.



We need to make our voices heard. We need to let President Obama and Congress know that the American people want him to permanently protect the Arctic Refuge.

Join us in signing this petition and urging the president and Congress to protect the Arctic Refuge and its Coastal Plain once and for all.




Alaska’s Arctic Refuge, and especially its Coastal Plain, is too precious and important to risk unnecessary development. It is one of those places like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park that is too special to be exploited for economic gain. This area is under threat because oil companies want to drill and exploit the land for profit.

Oil production in pristine areas involves building roads, powering heavy machinery and installing drilling rigs, which take over the landscape. There is another reason to oppose drilling: climate change. The planet is warming up, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world’s leading body of climate scientists. While the effects already are being felt across the globe, oil companies and their allies in Congress continue to push for drilling in this region. Extracting the Coastal Plain oil, burning that oil, and emitting significant amounts of carbon into the atmosphere only accelerates the effects of climate change to an already fragile ecosystem.

The Arctic Refuge also is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, like polar bears and caribou, who raise their young on the Coastal Plain. The Alaska Natives, known as the the Gwich’in, have relied on these lands to survive for thousands of years. Let’s keep it that way.



Throughout our 50-year history, we have strongly supported the protection of the wild places where we play. As a founding member of the CONSERVATION ALLIANCE and supporter of the ALASKA WILDERNESS LEAGUE, we believe in taking a stance on conservation and climate change issues.

Our athletes have explored the most remote parts of the world and have experienced first-hand the impacts of climate change and the need for conservation.

Ski mountaineer and The North Face athlete KIT DESLAURIERS is a strong advocate for the protection of the Arctic Refuge and a spokesperson for the #WeAreTheArctic campaign. Her passion for the preservation of this region was further fueled by her expedition to the Arctic Refuge with The North Face in 2010.


“As the last greatest pure wilderness in our nation, the Arctic Refuge offers us humans an undisturbed opportunity for solace, adventure, science, and subsistence. The process for protecting this region began over 50 years ago and now you can ask the president to finish what our conservation pioneers started.” – Kit Deslauriers


Don’t wait. Give your voice to America’s last wild frontier today.

Between November 3 - December 4, 2016, The North Face will donate $1 to Alaska Wilderness League for each co-branded petition signed in The North Face retail stores and online, up to $20,000. The funding will support the League’s mission to protect the Arctic Refuge and Alaska’s other wild lands.