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The Explore Fund gives more this holiday through expanded funding & creation of women-focused Move Mountains grant.


As the temperatures drop across the US, The North Face is ramping up how we give back to our community of explorers in two major ways. From Thanksgiving through Giving Tuesday we will be donating $1 for each item purchased* online or in The North Face full-price stores through the Explore Fund. We want to give everyone an opportunity to support exploration, adventure and equity in the outdoors.

The funds raised during this holiday giveback will further the work for our nearly decade long effort of the Explore Fund to encourage everyone to explore, whether it’s is to encourage first time experiences in the outdoors, create connections to wild places or bring outdoor experiences to underrepresented communities directly, we’ve made over 500 grants to nonprofits working in these areas and are still going strong.

We’re also revealing a new part to #MoveMountains celebrating and elevating women in the outdoors. Created in memory of a long-time leader at The North Face, Ann Krcik, to enable the next generation of role models and women explorers, our $250,000 Move Mountains grant will allow our Explore Fund to bring more female outdoor explorers into positions of power by providing funding and a storytelling platform to advance their work and inspire others. We canvassed the world for stories of female explorers for Move Mountains and were beyond inspired. Women are setting records, leading in the workplace and on the mountain, and advocating for the protection of our environment.

“The outdoor industry, unique from many other industries, is just beginning to hit its stride, to realize its potential and its influence on the economy at large. Part of that potential, that evolution, is about creating space and opportunity for women. This new women-focused piece of the Explore Fund will drive female representation in the future, thus expanding our perceptions of what it means to explore,” said Hilaree Nelson, professional ski mountaineer and The North Face athlete. “It’s imperative we support women in the outdoors now in order to have the greatest impact on the next generation.”

We are dedicated to ensuring that women and girls see themselves represented as explorers. If women and girls see more female leadership in the outdoors industry, it will create more role models for future generations. We will be identifying and funding five nonprofits, working in different categories across the outdoors to create and provide recognition for leaders in key areas of outdoor exploration that have historically lacked female representation.

By bringing these two major projects to life through the Explore Fund, we continue to create opportunities for anyone and everyone to live life as an explorer.


*Applies only to The North Face branded products purchased on or in full-price The North Face retail stores. US only.