Savannah Cummins
Cincinnati, Ohio

Savannah Cummins


Born and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, Savannah fell in love with the mountains when she moved West at 18. After sustaining a shoulder injury within her first year of climbing that kept her off the rock and ice, she picked up a camera to document her friends on their climbs while she recovered. Photography opened a door for her to express her creative side and helped Savannah discover a passion for visual storytelling. Photography has allowed her to continue leading an adventurous lifestyle and experience many of the quiet and remote places on this planet. Savannah knows her time in the mountains has just begun, and while she works on her own objectives, she's even more excited to be in the places where she can document others ticking theirs. Capturing the moment while experiencing the adventure is her most coveted objective, and she's determined to send that project no matter how much sweat or suffering it takes.


  • First Ascent of "The Gem" with Anna Pfaff and Lindsay Fixmer in India's Zanskar Range. 
  • Climbing in Queen Maud Land Antarctica
  • Support crew for the women's speed record on Denali