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Men’s Build Up Jacket
Men’s Big Antora Jacket
Men’s HMLYN Down Parka
Men’s Denali Jacket
Big Kids’ 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket
Boys’ Freedom Extreme Insulated Jacket
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Big Kids’ Glacier Full-Zip Hooded Jacket
Men’s Freedom Insulated Jacket
Men’s Summit Series Pumori Down Parka
Men’s Antora Triclimate®

Nothing says "bring back the sun" like a sunny yellow coat on a cold day. Whether you're looking to remind yourself of the sun to come or just be easily spotted on the slopes this winter, we've got you covered with options for a yellow jacket men and women can love.


Brighten your day


Yellow is a cheerful color, which makes it perfect for the days the winter turns dreary. Bring light into your own life, and the lives of everyone around you! When you hit the slope on a board or skis in a collection of Snowsports Gear, you'll be the life of the mountain. Cold weather trails are no match for you and your own personal speck of sunshine. Even just traveling during the winter months will be infinitely better with a bright spot of color to bring life into the snow.


Warm as sunshine


These yellow jackets aren't just the color of the sun, they also bring a warm sunny glow back to your cheeks. Puffer jackets are a go-to for wintertime warmth, which is why a yellow puffer will be a big hit with everyone looking for a way to stay cozy. Puffer jackets in mens and womens styles are available in shorter styles. A yellow cropped style is the perfect way to stay warm while allowing freedom of movement.


Shop by need


Whatever you're going to be doing, there's a yellow jacket that can help you do it. Traveling to rainy climates means waterproof gear like the Venture 2 Jacket. Go on the lighter side of warm for a fall day or a cool weather trip that doesn't need a full winter coat. The Peril Wind Jacket is a great way to add a not-too-heavy layer to an exercise outfit. There are even kids and infant jackets available to keep little ones warm through the cold weather.


Catch every eye on the slope with a bright jacket and let our prices catch YOUR eye with a sale on winter jackets. Search for your next men’s jacket or women’s jacket, along with a deal on winter boots to get you ready for the cold. Even our on-sale backpacks can stand up to your outdoor adventures.