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Phantom 50 Backpack
Women’s Isabella Sling
Borealis Sling
Women’s Jester Backpack
Women’s Isabella 3.0 Backpack
Women’s Never Stop Daypack
Women’s Never Stop Mini Backpack
Women’s Never Stop Utility Pack

From college classes to camping trips, pick a classic white backpack that can carry you through all of life’s adventures. Going from the office to the trail has never been easier with a simple color scheme paired with practical features.


Simple, sleek and functional


A modern traveler needs a solid combination of look and function. Thanks to a minimalist design, your hiking backpack can double as your work bag on weekdays. Conquer the road ahead with a durable, white canvas backpack that can stand up to wear and tear.


If you’re into a more rugged look, put a modern twist on one of our classics with this customer favorite. For kids heading to their first day of school, remember to pack a juice box in a vintage white mini backpack made for young travelers.


A timeless look that lasts a lifetime


With simple designs like these, your backpack will never go out of style. When you’re just starting out on life’s journey, elastic pockets can fit all the folders, homework, and books you need to get through a day of classes. When you trade lockers for dorm rooms, grab a bag that can hold all your college essentials (and double as a hiking pack, of course).


One day you’ll be tossing it in your trunk for a weekend by the water. The next, you’ll be squeezing it into the overhead bin on an international flight.


A backpack made for modern life


No matter where life takes you, you need a durable backpack that can stand up to the elements. Your gear will be safe, whether you're packing your work laptop, travel camera, or both.


All of our bags have flexible material and waterproof lining that will shed any dirt in seconds. From the farmer’s market to the mountainside, protect your valuables every step of the way.