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All Weather 4-Wheeler—30''
Carry On
All Weather 4-Wheeler—22''
Base Camp Rolling Thunder—22
Carry On
Base Camp Voyager Duffel—32L
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Borealis Water Bottle Holder
Base Camp Voyager Duffel—62L
Women’s Never Stop Weekender Duffel
Base Camp Travel Canister—L
Base Camp Voyager Toiletry Kit
Carry On
Base Camp Voyager Travel Pack
Base Camp Rolling Thunder—28
Base Camp Voyager Sling
Base Camp Duffel—S
Base Camp Voyager Tote
Base Camp Rolling Thunder—36
Base Camp Duffel—XS
Carry On
Base Camp Voyager Duffel—32L
Base Camp Duffel—M
Base Camp Voyager Duffel—42L
Base Camp Duffel—L
Base Camp Travel Canister—S
Women’s Never Stop Weekender Duffel

Travel bags for women and men come in a range of shapes and sizes - From shoulder-strap duffle bags to travel backpacks, rolling suitcases to messenger bags. When choosing luggage, think about how you will use it and what features are most important to you. Does the bag need to be water-resistant? Is a laptop sleeve or holder necessary? Do you need an overnight bag for a camping trip or would you like to invest in a 3-piece luggage set? Whatever you need and wherever you’d like to explore, we have the best travel bags for every need.


How to pack a travel bag 


Packing both, women's and men’s, travel bags efficiently can make any trip go smoothly. Whether you’re taking a large suitcase or just carry-on luggage, get familiar with any size, weight, and item restrictions so that you’re ready. Use shoes, containers, and other shaped items as storage for socks and small jewelry. Packing cubes are a great way to make sure everything fits and they help eliminate wasted space. Roll clothes to save on space and identify each item when needed. Don’t forget to pack your own laundry bag, water bottle, and toiletry bag. These help you organize your things for your return. 


How do I choose a travel bag


Choosing a travel bag starts by first identifying the purpose of your trip. You need a bag that is functional and sturdy. If you are packing light for a weekend getaway, pick a backpack or travel tote bag that is secure yet practical. Crossbody bags, weekender bags, duffel bags, and backpack shoulder bags are usually enough for a weekend trip and make good carry-on bags as well. Weekend travel bags are usually carry-on size. For longer trips and if you need to carry many items, choose a travel bag with a hard shell for added protection. Rolling luggage sets with spinner wheels come with multiple compartments for all your travel accessories and are easy to maneuver around.


Make it a trip of a lifetime by choosing the best, most durable travel bags. Shop online now and get adventure-ready in no time. Backpacks, duffels and more at The North Face.