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Men’s Class V Water Hoodie
Men’s Sniktau Short-Sleeve Sun Shirt
Men’s Rolling Sun Packable Shorts
Men’s Rolling Sun Packable Shorts
Men’s Class V Pullover
Men’s Class V Pants
Men’s Rolling Sun Packable Shorts
Men’s Rolling Sun Packable Shorts

Get lasting UV protection that you don't have to reapply. Don't let a hot sun limit your accessibility to the great outdoors. Protect yourself with sun protective clothing.


What is sun protection clothing?


When you go out into the sun, harmful UV rays can give you sunburn, increase signs of aging, and put you at higher risk for skin cancer. Sun protection and UPF sun protective clothing help block the rays from reaching your skin. While all cloth has some level of sun protection, we're made a range of performance shirts and bottoms that offer extra protection for your next hike.


Freedom to move in sun protective clothing


Sun protective clothing is obviously meant to be worn outdoors. You won't want to waste a sunny day sitting down and doing nothing. When it comes to men's activewear, our sun protection clothes fit the bill, plus a little extra. With the sun comes heat, and with heat comes sweat. Our quick-drying and moisture-wicking clothes help you feel cool and relaxed. The breathable design keeps you from overheating when you strap on your hiking pack for a long climb. The quick-dry design even makes for a perfect fishing shirt, or one to slip on with a swimsuit. With sizes up to XXL and 3XL, everyone can find a way to be comfortable.


If versatility is what you want, we have that too. Try our convertible pants that can provide full-leg protection or switch to shorts when things heat up. Go from the great outdoors for city-ready without having to change. Our button-up shirts are ready for the trail and the sidewalk.


Choose your style: hoodie, sun shirt, board shorts, and more


The sun isn't the only thing heating up. Choose hot fashions from our selection of new arrivals, or go with the tried-and-true look of our classics. In the hottest weather, grab a short-sleeve t-shirt and some board shorts for a day out in the sun. For the beach, grab a swim shirt to pair with your swimwear and protect against burns. Don't forget a sun hat, to protect your neck and face!


Even cooler weather can bring a risk of burns. Throw on a long-sleeve shirt or a pullover hoodie and your running shoes for a fall jog. If you need to be ready for the golf course, try our sun protective polo shirt. We even have a button down shirt that can go from the campsite to the town seamlessly. Choose any of our amazing unisex styles to get ready for a day in the sun.


If you're heading to checkout and still can't think of the perfect thing for that one person in your life, get him the gift of choosing for himself. We offer virtual gift cards for easing giving.


Block out the harmful UV rays no matter how long you spend outdoors. Shop our selection of men’s sun protection clothing to stay safe from sun burns and more.