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There’s no doubt that the sherpa jacket is a wardrobe staple in cool-weather and slightly cold climate wardrobes in recent years. It is warm, looks cozy, and is very versatile. The classic sherpa jacket is not just for casual wear. Both men and women can pull this layer off in an off-duty ensemble or formal date situation.


The cozy zip jacket that accentuates all the basics


Throw on a colorful sherpa trucker jacket over your blue jeans and a basic t-shirt to balance out the layers. This will give you the ideal top-heavy look while keeping the bottoms casual and light. 


If monochrome is more your thing, opt for a sherpa jacket pullover in white or black. You can’t go wrong with tone-on-tone styling, pair it with a denim jacket for colder times. If you’re looking for more layers, there’s unlimited choice for your add-ons. Pull up a cardigan, hooded jacket, sweatshirt, and one of these faux-fur long sleeve essentials and you’re good to go. 


The most versatile of jackets


It’s only natural that our sherpa jackets are some of our best sellers. Sherpa jackets are the warmest and most comfortable jackets and are flattering on all body shapes and sizes. From bomber jacket-style to zip-up sherpa hoodies, these soft puffer jackets accentuate every outfit and can be worn in various  ways. 


We’ve got a gorgeous Osito sherpa fleece jacket in plus size, made from trending recycled material. Choose sherpa coats and sweaters with a relaxed fit for smaller outerwear or to layer up. Pair these with leggings or joggers for the ideal day-to-night look.


Jackets for new adventures


A new piece of clothing can indeed make you feel like a new person. If you’re looking for a change, then a sherpa jacket is just what you need. A perfect contemporary alternative to faux fur and faux leather, a sherpa jacket adds a touch of glamour to your everyday wardrobe.


The warmest and most comfortable sherpa jackets and hoodies. Fleece jackets from The North Face are durable, warm and extra cozy. Shop new arrivals now.