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Any lover of cold-weather adventures will know the importance of a windproof fleece jacket. Whether you’re tackling the high winds of frosty mountain ranges or simply keeping warm from brisk city chills, durable water-repellent gear is a must.


Protection From the Elements


The Women’s Shelbe Raschel collection is not your standard outerwear collection. Our WindWall fabric technology and unique Raschel fleece lining provide lightweight insulation and protection from harsh weather conditions. Stay warm and toasty even as you battle blistering winds. 


Finding the right activewear makes a significant improvement to your outdoor experiences. When you’re less sure of the weather ahead, stay prepared with wind-resistant and water-resistant garments.


Style and Substance


From vests to sweatshirts, here at The North Face, we pride ourselves on our high-quality materials. Not only will you find a range of styles to suit you, whether that’s a long sleeve top or pullover, but our soft fleece materials will also keep you warm whilst the finish keeps you dry.


Designed for both comfort and functionality, we create with top specs in mind. Zip hand pockets keep your hands protected whilst some designs feature an attached hood, like the Women’s Shelbe Raschel Hoodie, so you can easily shelter your head if the rain decides to bucket down.


You won’t feel restricted in our gear. Elastane provides a good level of stretch, allowing items to mold to your body for ultimate comfort whilst the low permeability of the Women’s Shelbe Raschel jackets keeps you warm and dry during outdoor activities. 


A Collection As Adventurous As You


You’re ready to set off on your next big adventure. All that’s missing is the key to comfort. It’s time to discover The North Face Shelbe Raschel range and see just how versatile the collection is. Designed especially for exploring the outdoors, you can rely on us when you’re hiking rugged terrain or snowboarding down powdery slopes.