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Stay warm, cozy and colorful in a purple hoodie from The North Face. Get the style you want with a pullover hoodie or a zip-up design made from our softest fabrics for a comfortable fit.

17 Products
Women’s Tekno Pullover Hoodie
Men’s Evolution Vintage Hoodie
Women’s Evolution Full-Zip Hoodie
Women’s Denali Hoodie
Women’s Shelbe Raschel Hoodie
Women’s Heavyweight Hoodie
Women’s Circaloft Hoodie
Women’s Plus ThermoBall™ Eco Hoodie 2.0
Women’s Plus Denali Hoodie
Women’s Antora Rain Hoodie
Plus Sizing Available
Women’s ThermoBall™ Eco Hoodie 2.0
Women’s Plus Shelbe Raschel Hoodie
Women’s Plus Antora Rain Hoodie
Men’s Antora Rain Hoodie
Kids’ Glacier Full-Zip Hoodie
Men’s Big Antora Rain Hoodie
Men’s M66 Translucent Wind Hoodie

When it comes to wardrobe basics, a hoodie is a pretty standard find for any closet. But why does your hoodie have to be standard? Stand out from the crowd with a colorful purple hoodie from The North Face.


Full-zip and pullover hoodies


Styles abound when it comes to our hoodie selections. An infant's fleece hoodie can keep your little one snug, along with other infant outerwear. The long sleeves of each hoodie are great for hiding chilly hands, though the pocket in front also offers a place to warm your fingers. An adult fleece pullover gives you the soft comfort of a fuzzy hoodie sweatshirt. Pull on a zip-up hoodie for easy accessibility to the warmth you want.


Layer your long sleeve hoodie


When a t-shirt just isn't enough, pulling on a purple hoodie over top can make all the difference in comfort. You can also layer your fleece sweatshirt or typical hoodie with a cold weather jacket for ultimate warmth in snow and wind. The drawstring hood of the Mountain Hoodie 3.0 makes it ideal for blustery days, since it's also wind-resistant and water-repellent. Purple hoodies offer the perfect unisex fashion for anyone who loves the color.


There are plenty of purple options for children and toddlers as well. From fleece full-zip hoodies to hooded coats, you can get an amazing zip-up hoodie to keep your child warm.


What's trending in your closet?


If it's not a hoodie, you might want to fill that gap! Hoodies offer tons of styling options. Tie one around your waist for a retro fashion that's returning to the mainstream. Find a slim fit purple hoodie that will easily pack into a bag as well as fitting under your favorite coat. Look for a logo hoodie to show off The North Face style. Even opting for a pullover hooded sweatshirt over a half-zip or zip-up hoodie. Men's clothing, women's, children's: no matter where you look, you can find a hoodie that you'll love to wear.


Through thick and thin


Hoodies tend to go through the rough stuff with us. They're comfortable and reliable, so why trade them for something else? But you also want to make sure that your purple hoodie makes it through thick and thin with you. That's why we've made all our hoodies, best sellers and diamonds in the rough alike, durable, packable, and all-around easy to care for. When you go on a rough camping trip, decide to start backpacking across country, or head abroad on travel, you can count on your trusty logo hoodie to be right alongside you the whole trip.

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