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A navy blue backpack is more than just a simple design choice. It's a way to step away from basic black and express your individual style, while still being smart, understated and office appropriate.


The color won't be the only smart feature on The North Face backpack you choose — dozens of storage and comfort features will help you equip yourself, whatever the day has in store.


Your whole office in your backpack


Some jobs require a little more equipment and a lot more travel. Freelancers and office nomads can store and organize several files, notebooks, tablets and laptops in our roomy commuter backpacks.


Padded sleeves and multiple internal storage pockets give you a neat way to store and transport everything needed for a day of work, including stationery and personal items. Take a thermos or water bottle with you in the external mesh compartment and keep hydrated while you're on the move.


Put your backpack into action


When you're heading up a mountain or out into the wild, you'll need to be prepared for just about anything. Some backpack designs have up to 31 liters of space, which is more than enough for a towel, an extra pair of shoes, or an entire change of clothes.


External bungee cords keep dirty or wet equipment away from the clean, dry items inside your bag and can also be used to store a bike helmet. Your navy backpack is great for visibility among dense green undergrowth or snowy white mountain tops. Discreet reflective strips keep you safe when light sources are low, whether you're in the forest or on the streets.


Get to grips with the backpack comfort factor


It's all well and good having a large capacity backpack, but if it isn't designed to help you comfortably carry the weight, you probably won't reach for it.


Some of our navy blue backpacks feature a suspension system that distributes heavy loads more comfortably across your shoulders, while a breathable lumbar panel keeps you supported.