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Are you ready to make your raincoat weather the storm in a stylish way? Functional dressing, even on the wettest of days, can still be fashionable with the right lightweight waterproof jacket at hand. From windproof layers to waterproof outerwear, the trick to styling your waterproof rain jacket is minimalism and efficiency. 


Take on all kinds of wet weather, the trending way


Getting rained on when you’ve just set your hair or worn a new pair of boots can be annoying. It would be best if you prepared yourself for what mother nature throws at you by investing in our weather protection and water repellent layers. Start with the right lightweight waterproof jacket that is breathable and durable. 


Choose one with an adjustable hood so you can put the top on when required. Many can be rolled into your backpack for packable ease when you’re out on outdoor activities. Instead of carrying a heavy down jacket with you, carry a durable water repellent jacket or ultralight windbreaker. These are ideal for hikers, campers or those looking to focus on their trekking or trail running in the backcountry. 


From in-between season days to lightweight rain protection


Whether you’re commuting to work or spending the weekend away from home, the perfect waterproof jacket can even keep you dry in a downpour. Layer waterproof items on top of your day clothes for added protection. 


For a simple, minimal, and classy look, choose the lightest softshell jacket in similar colors as the rest of your outfit. Adding a few bright elements like colorful sneakers or a hat will make for an impactful pairing. 


Stay watertight, dry and lightweight


The North Face’s rain jackets and lightweight waterproof jackets are more than old-school anoraks. Today's ultralight rain jackets are trendy, fit snugly into your own pocket, and leave you looking forward to wet weather.


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