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Men’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Men’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Men’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Women’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Women’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Men’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Men’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Men’s Canyonlands ½-Zip Jacket
Women’s Summit Series FUTUREFLEECE™ LT ½-Zip
Men’s Trailwear Fantasy Ridge ½-Zip

Ready to take on any adventure, whether it’s your daily commute or scaling the trail to your favorite vista? Explore the North Face’s collection of ½ zip-up fleeces and half-zip fleece pullovers from our fleece collection to prepare for the day. It's not all about premium comfort and the confidence to face daily life and epic journeys. Our half-zip fleece is stylish and made from eco-friendly materials that keep you warm inside and out.


Half Zip-Up Fleece for the Everyday Adventurer


Designed with comfort and durability in mind, our sustainable ½ zip-up fleece is ideal for on-the-go, everyday adventurers. Whether you’re searching for an athletic or relaxed fit, there’s a lightweight option perfect for your active lifestyle. We’ve thoughtfully crafted sustainable designs to fit every need. Features like zippered pockets, proprietary moisture-wicking DotKnit fabric, thumbholes, venting, and more are available to facilitate any activity you embrace today.


Functional Fleece


We believe in protecting our planet while producing the best possible gear for any environment or use. That’s why our ½ zip-up fleece is designed to provide uncompromising function while maintaining eco-friendly production practices, acting as the perfect mid layer, and utilizing sustainable materials. The emphasis we put on functionality and sustainability is complemented by stylish design.


From a half zip up fleece pullover to quarter zip up fleece, full zip fleece, and pullover fleece, the options are plentiful–especially when it comes to what you can pair them with, like cozy leggings hoodies, or active shirts.  Need a cozy ½ zip fleece to pull over your long-sleeve shirt? No problem–the North Face has the perfect mid-layer fleece selection right here. ½ zip-up fleece can be paired with t-shirts, vests, zip hoodies, activewear, and more. Our zip fleece pullovers are a must-have consideration for all adventurers.


Available in men’s and women’s and a variety of sizes from xs to xxl, there’s a half zip fleece pullover, half zip fleece, half-zip pullover, or mid layer fleece waiting for you in this collection. Pair your zip fleece pullover or zip fleece with the North Face’s best sellers and backpacks for top-notch activewear that never holds you back. Our pullover sweaters, quarter zip fleece pullovers, fleece hoodies, and lightweight fleece options are a perfect fit for adventures seeking accessibility and adventure. No matter how you deck yourself out, choose the right style for you and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with form, functionality, and sustainability working in harmony.


Layering with ½ zip-up fleece


Our half zip fleece works flawlessly as base layers, mid layers, outerwear, and adventure gear. If you want the perfect blend of comfort, form, and function, fleece is a fantastic option–whether you’re seeking a men’s sweater, a women’s pullover, or a sherpa style fleece to throw over a t-shirt or a vest. Our fleece is sustainable while providing all of the durability you need to conquer your next adventure or daily commute.Check out our full fleece collection to discover the next addition to your everyday adventure wardrobe.


How to wash fleece? 


The best way to wash your half-zip fleece is to turn it inside out, set the washing machine cycle to gentle, choose cool water, and opt for a mild detergent. As an extra precaution, don’t use fabric softeners, bleach, or additional chemicals on your half-zip fleece pullovers or ½ zip up fleece. 


How to wear zip-up fleece? 


Zip-up fleece pullovers, fleece sweaters, and ½ zip-up fleece can be worn with various pants, base layers, leggings, t-shirts, and more. Layering your mid-layer fleece with a base-layer and topping it off with an insulated jacket or windbreaker will help you combat the coldest of temperatures on your next chilly adventure 


From your daily commute to work to your next epic hike on the mountain, prepare for your everyday adventures with the ultimate half zip fleece from The North Face.