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Women’s Aphrodite 2.0 Capris
Women’s Aphrodite 2.0 Capris
Women’s Aphrodite 2.0 Capris


Capri pants were introduced into the fashion scene in the late 1940s and they're still going strong. The cropped style of women's pants suits all body shapes, whether you're plus size or petite, providing a flattering silhouette for all. A pair of capris is now a wardrobe staple for ladies all over the world. 


How to wear capri pants 


High-rise capri pants look great with a crop top in a complementing color. If you have low-rise capri pants or mid-rise pedal pushers then choose a loose, flowy blouse you can tuck into the waistband. Pair these with sneakers, flats, or heels and you're all set. Pick high-waist capri pants in a neutral, pastel, or monochrome color for a more formal look. Add a basic blazer or coat on top with a statement necklace for an extra bit of personality. 


Where should capri pants hit the leg?


Women's capris should be long enough to hit the slimmest part of your leg. However, they should not fall shorter than your calf. Capri pants are a great way to show off your ankle and can be worn in a wide-leg capri style or even as capri leggings. Capri pants are different from culottes and Bermudas that stop mid-way or above the calf. The key is to pick capri pants that fall between the middle of the calf to the top of the ankle. 


What to wear with capri pants


Capri pants or ankle pants can be worn with just about anything. If your crop pants are straight-leg, then opt for a slim-fitting t-shirt or top with a long coat or jacket as a layer. Denim capris make for the perfect casual-chic look and you can accentuate the look using a scarf or handbag. Cargo pants in capri style tend to be quite casual already and make for a comfortable layer on walks or treks.


Capri pants are the perfect bottoms to take you from day to night. Style them with a basic tee or a crop top and you’re good to go. Shop online now at The North Face