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Men’s ’92 Reversible Nuptse Jacket
Men’s Hydrenalite™ Down Hoodie
Women’s Plus 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket
Girls’ North Down Fleece-Lined Parka
Men’s Big Aconcagua 3 Hoodie
Men’s Lhotse Reversible Hoodie
Men’s Big Aconcagua 3 Jacket
Girls’ Pallie Down Jacket
Boys’ North Down Fleece-Lined Parka
Men’s ’73 The North Face Parka
Big Kids’ ’73 The North Face Parka

Embrace the vintage look or bring a retro style up-to-date with blue puffer jackets for this season’s winter chill.


Modern quilted look meets retro puffer style


Whether you like the vintage feel of the oversized baffles or enjoy the sleeker lines of a quilted puffer jacket, we have a blue puffer jacket you'll love to wear all winter. We love bringing older styles back, and with vintage fashion trending, you can get in on the look with a retro puffer coat. If you like a more modern, slimmer silhouette, a quilted down blue puffer jacket is the perfect balance of classic and current. With options in plus sizes as well, everyone can take to the outdoors in style. Plus, you can always keep an eye on our new arrivals for whatever we come up with next.


Although they don't have the same longline look as many of our women's parkas, a short puffer jacket in a stunning shade of blue is still the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. And speaking of shades of blue, we have a range. Choose between colors from light blue puffer jackets to navy blue. You don't even have to choose coats & jackets! Try a puffer vest over a long-sleeve tee and leggings for a popular fall look. Sitting around the campfire in a quilted vest keeps things cozy and fun.




Not only do down puffer jackets look good, they also make the perfect outerwear when the weather turns cold. Get a winter coat that lets you explore the snow-covered trails in comfort. Hoodies keep the snow out and the warmth in and a water-resistant winter jacket is a necessity for cold-weather backpacking and hiking. When a storm pops up or you take an unexpected tumble, waterproof or -resistant outerwear will make sure you can keep going as long as you want. Pair your blue puffer jacket, men's or women's, with insulated pants to keep you going all winter long.


Puffer coats and puffer vests also pair well with activewear. If you're taking a run or a long hike, a heavyweight parka could slow you down. A down puffer jacket provides the warmth of a heavyweight winter coat with the accessibility of a lightweight jacket. Pair with beanies and scarves to add a little warmth without bogging you down.


Versatility in puffer coats & jackets


You don't spend your entire life out on the trails. That's why you need men's and women's puffer jackets that you can throw on over your everyday t-shirt and wear wherever you go. Heading to the store to get provisions for your next hike? A puffer jacket sporting The North Face logo blends as seamlessly into a crowd as it does in the wilds. Heading on a trip? Whether you're packing in a camping pack or carry-on luggage, a packable puffer jacket is invaluable when it comes to travel. Our puffer coats are made to fold and compress into small, packable bundles that can slot neatly into whatever space you have. We even offer infant styles for a baby boy or baby girl in your life who needs a cute way to stay warm.