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Men’s ThermoBall™ Eco Jacket 2.0
Women’s Osito Jacket
Women’s ThermoBall™ Eco Jacket 2.0
Men’s Apex Bionic 3 Jacket
Men’s Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT™ Jacket
Women’s Winter Warm Pro Jacket
Women’s Plus Osito Jacket
Kids’ Denali Jacket
Plus Sizing Available
Women’s Antora Jacket
Women’s Alta Vista Jacket
Men’s Big ThermoBall™ Eco Jacket 2.0
Men’s ThermoBall™ Eco Triclimate® Jacket
Women’s Plus Antora Jacket
Women’s Plus ThermoBall™ Eco Jacket 2.0
Girls’ Reversible Mossbud Jacket
Girls’ North Down Fleece-Lined Parka
Boys’ McMurdo Parka
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Men’s Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT™ Jacket
Men’s Big Aconcagua 3 Jacket
Women’s ThermoBall™ Eco Triclimate® Parka
New To Sale
Boys’ Antora Rain Jacket
Plus Sizing Available
Women’s Antora Parka
Boys’ North Down Fleece-Lined Parka
Women’s Plus ThermoBall™ Eco Parka

Head into fall and winter with a jacket you know will keep you warm while looking stylish. Blue jackets are a must-have for the savvy traveler looking to keep out the wind on the road or just the commuter looking to make it to work unchilled.


Style options abound


Blue is a color that comes in as many shades as you could ever hope for, which means that we’ve got a blue that you’ll like in store. From dark navy to a light ice blue, there’s a blue jacket that will keep you company throughout your travels. Be visible on snowy slopes with a vibrant blue or pick a more muted dark shade to avoid standing out on nature hikes. Beyond color, there are also plenty of style options. Grab a blue puffer jacket for a way to stay warm all winter long. Or if you’d like to avoid bulk when packing, there are plenty of lightweight jackets that won’t take up too much space in your duffel. Cut, material, silhouette: whatever you’re looking for, find an option to take home with a blue jacket in mens and womens styles.


Beauty in utility


Not only are you getting a design that looks good, you’re also getting a jacket that will do just what you need it to. Stay warm with a heavier coat, hit the slopes with a slimmer fit coat, or layer with a light, breathable jacket, perfect for hiking. Plus, look for insert compatibility, tons of pockets for trail snacks, hiking gear, extra gloves, or your phone and wallet, and hoods to keep off snow and rain.


Sometimes, less is more


If you’re looking for something simple, we have you covered. Try the Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT™ Jacket for a minimalist look, standard pockets, and a simple hood. Just what you need for a versatile jacket. Hit the city streets or the backwoods trails with equal ease. Versatility makes this blue winter jacket a hit for those who need to head to work on the weekdays, then go hiking Saturday and Sunday.


Check for your favorite blue jacket in our winter jacket sale, with styles suited for men, women, and children. To finish out your winter wardrobe, check out our deals on hoodies and our on-sale winter boots for even more warmth.